What should I do in Zapier if I change an app account password?

If you change your password in an app account that's connected to Zapier, what you do next depends on how the app connects to Zapier.

  • Basic authentication (Username & Password): if you authorized the zap by logging in with your username/email and password and your password has changed, you will need to reconnect the app to Zapier.
  • OAuth: if the app uses OAuth to connect to Zapier (that's when you receive a pop-up from the service and have to authorize Zapier to access the information), you usually don't need to make any changes, but some apps may require reconnection.
  • API key: if you connected the app using an API key, you won't need to change anything unless the API key was reset.

If your Zap has trouble with an app connection, you will receive a notification about it and you can then reconnect your app.

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