Create groups in Canvas

When you build a canvas, you can group objects. This allows you to move them together, and also label a set of objects. This can be useful if they are related to a specific part of a project, or are the responsibility of a specific team.


Add a group

  • From the Canvas homepage, click the name of your canvas.
  • Click the Group tool icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the canvas, click and hold the mouse button on any blank space and drag the cursor over the objects you want to group. Once all the objects you want are within the box, release the mouse button. The group will be surrounded by a box with the label "Untitled group".


Add a label to a group

From your canvas screen:

  • Once you have added a group to your canvas, from your canvas screen, double-click the group label field at the top left of the group box.
  • Enter a title for the group.
  • On your keyboard, press Enter or click your mouse button outside of the label field.


Move a group

From your canvas screen:

  • Hover your cursor over any empty space in the group box. A hand cursor will appear.
  • Click and hold the box, then drag the group to its new position


Delete a group

From your canvas screen:

  • Using the Select tool or the Hand tool, hover your cursor over any empty space in the group box
  • Right-click your mouse button.
  • Click Delete.

If you delete a group, the objects within it are not affected.


Add an object to an existing group

You can add an existing object by clicking and holding it, then drag it into a group. 


Remove an object from a group

To remove an object from a group without deleting that object, you must delete the existing group and create a new one.


Provide feedback and get help

You can request a feature, provide feedback on the product, and get help from the Canvas team.

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