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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

Meta has announced that it's deprecating the Offline Conversions API (OCAPI) which the current Facebook Offline Conversions app uses. In addition, Meta will disable the ability to create new offline event sets (OES). Meta anticipates that the OCAPI will be discontinued in May 2025.

In preparation for this change, Zapier has added support for offline conversions in these two apps:

Users can switch to these two apps today to prepare for the upcoming changes to the Facebook Offline Conversions app.

How this update will affect users

  • Beginning June 4, 2024, you won’t be able to create any new Zaps using the Facebook Offline Conversions app.
  • Zaps that use the Facebook Offline Conversions app will continue working until May 2025. After this date, these Zaps will stop running.
    • Zapier will post a more definitive date, once it’s confirmed closer to next year.
  • To continue using Facebook Offline Conversions, you’ll need to manually update your Zaps to use either Facebook Conversion or Facebook Conversions (for Business admins).

View all affected Zaps that use Facebook Offline Conversions.

Guidance on updating your Zaps

When updating to Facebook Conversions or Facebook Conversions (for Business admins), you’ll need to use either of these actions:

  • Send Purchase Event
  • Send Other Event

When setting up either of these actions, you must select the Action Source dropdown menu as Physical Store to record your offline conversions.

In addition, a new required “Dataset” field will appear in the Zap editor. To complete this field, Meta recommends:

  • If you already have a pixel dataset for web events, select this dataset to migrate your existing OCAPI.
  • If you have an exclusive offline app via OCAPI and no web events, create a new dataset.

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