App update: ConnectFlux, Zuddl, Salesforce, ZyraTalk, Convi, and many more

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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

ConnectFlux: app update

This update introduces a valuable enhancement to the ConnectFlux app on Zapier. Users can now save email IDs within the app, streamlining the process of replying to emails. By securing essential contact information, ConnectFlux ensures efficient and organized email communications.

Zuddl: app update

Zuddl has rolled out new enhancements and triggers to streamline event-related workflows. Discover what's new:

  • New triggers:
    • Zuddl User Activity: Triggered in near real-time when an attendee takes action during your Zuddl event.
    • Zuddl Bulk User Activity: Triggered one hour after your event ends to process attendee actions in bulk.
  • New actions:
    • Bulk Registration: Pair this action with any trigger to efficiently handle registrations in batches.

Additionally, the New Registration action has been improved to include custom form field data, offering greater flexibility and detail in managing event registrations.

Salesforce: app update

Salesforce has launched a new feature for its app on Zapier. The New Lead trigger has been added, providing users the ability to automate workflows whenever a new lead is created in Salesforce. This update enhances lead management and response times in your sales automation processes.

ZyraTalk: app update

In the latest update to the ZyraTalk app on Zapier, users now have enhanced filtering capabilities. This feature allows for more refined control over call and chat data, making it easier to manage and analyze your interactions. Whether you're sorting through customer service calls or prospect chats, ZyraTalk's new filtering options help you pinpoint the information you need quickly.

Convi: app update

Convi has rolled out an exciting new feature to enhance the user experience. They've introduced a new trigger named Video Event, designed to activate Zaps based on viewer interactions with video content. This trigger activates when viewers click on call-to-action buttons, book meetings, or watch at least 50% of a video on a Convi landing page.

SalesLens: app update

SalesLens has recently updated its app, enhancing the functionality for users. This update allows for the "Created At" date to be available, providing you with the ability to track the creation date of records within the SalesLens app.

Exact Online: app update

This update to the Exact Online app brings real-time data to your existing triggers, enhancing the responsiveness of your automated workflows. Additionally, a new Find Sales Invoice search action is now available to help you swiftly locate your sales invoices directly within your Zapier workflows.

Lusha: bug fix

A recent update has been rolled out to fix the test trigger issue in the Lusha app on Zapier. This ensures that your workflows involving Lusha continue to perform seamlessly without any interruptions. The update is now live and users should see improved reliability when testing triggers within their Zaps.

Ruly: app update

Ruly has rolled out new enhancements to optimize your workflow automation. Here's what's new:

  • The New Record trigger now includes descriptive names alongside IDs for picklist fields and linked lookup tables, streamlining the identification process.
  • With the updated Create Record action, users can now select from descriptive picklist values within Zapier, simplifying record creation without relying solely on IDs.
  • Date fields are now formatted as '1970-04-02', removing the time portion for clearer and more concise date representation.

SleekFlow: bug fix

We've implemented a fix to address the authentication issue within the SleekFlow app. Users should now experience seamless connectivity and access to all their workflow functions without interruption. This update enhances the stability and reliability of the SleekFlow app on our platform.

Airtable: app update

We've improved our Airtable app to ensure smoother automation workflows. Specifically, the New or Updated Record trigger has been refined to return records under 6MB by trimming larger datasets. This update will help maintain efficiency and prevent potential disruptions in your trigger processes.

Postalytics: app update

The Postalytics app has been updated to enhance your contact management capabilities. You can now send phone numbers along with your contact information, making your outreach efforts more comprehensive and effective.

Snappy Gifts: app update

Snappy Gifts has enhanced its app with an update to the authentication system, now supporting API keys for a more secure and streamlined user experience. Additionally, it has expanded its gift-sending capabilities with the introduction of new methods, allowing for greater flexibility and customization in gift-giving.

ClickUp: bug fix

Zapier has ironed out a pesky bug in ClickUp's app. Users can now successfully search for other users by name or email without encountering any issues, ensuring a smoother experience with voice commands and workflow automation.

HL Pro Tools: bug fix and app update

HL Pro Tools has released an update that includes:

  • The bug concerning custom fields in the contact lookup feature has been fixed, ensuring accurate search capabilities.
  • The list locations functionality has been refined to display only the active locations on HL, streamlining the selection process.

Cliengo: app update

Cliengo has recently improved its app with two updates designed to streamline user interactions:

  • The Search Contact action has been enhanced and now accepts parameters for both email and phone, allowing for more precise searches.
  • A new Search Agent action has been added, enabling users to look up agents either by their email or id for quick access to agent information.

Subhub: app update

Subhub has rolled out a new trigger that enhances the capability to monitor subscription activities. This update introduces a trigger specifically for tracking members who cancel their subscriptions, enabling clients to stay informed and take timely action when a subscription is discontinued.

Linguapop: app update

Linguapop has rolled out an update to enhance its app features on Zapier. The update includes the following enhancements:

  • A new field "external identifier", has been added to the Create Invitation action, allowing users to reference external data.
  • The Result trigger now includes an "externalIdentifier" field to better associate results with external systems.
  • A "publicResultsUrl" field has also been added to the Result trigger, providing a direct link to access results publicly.

Jira Software Cloud: app update

We've expanded our Jira Software Cloud app with the new Find Project action. This feature helps you search for Jira projects directly within Zapier, streamlining your workflow by allowing easy access to different projects within your organization.

All Digital Rewards: app update

All Digital Rewards has enhanced its app by introducing program selection functionality. Users can now select from available programs directly, without the need to manually input a program ID. This update streamlines the user experience, making the app more efficient and user-friendly.

Pardot: bug fix

We've improved the stability of the Pardot app by addressing an issue with the Find Prospect action. Users should now experience fewer timeouts when searching for prospects within the system, leading to a more seamless workflow.

SleekFlow: bug fix

We've addressed the issue with the missing "ExtendedMessageJson" data in SleekFlow to ensure more reliable performance. Users can now expect an improved experience with no missing message content.

ExpertConnect: app update

ExpertConnect has released an update that enhances functionality and improves user experience. The latest changes include:

  • An added "Edit ticket URL" feature to the Get Ticket by ID action.
  • A fix for the New Ticket Created trigger's team filtering, which now includes more than the initial 25 teams.

Spotler CRM: app update

Spotler CRM now supports the ability to find contacts using various phone number fields. This update enhances the flexibility and efficiency of searching for contact information within the CRM.

All Digital Rewards: bug fix

All Digital Rewards has recently implemented a bug fix to enhance the reward sending selection and execution process. This update ensures a more reliable and efficient user experience when selecting and sending rewards through the platform.

Spotify: app update

Spotify has enhanced its app with a new response status code to confirm successful runs when adding items to playlists. This update streamlines the process, providing a clear indication of successful additions for better automation flows.

Vaunt: app update

Vaunt has deployed a fresh update to enhance its Create Lead action. Users can now specify a "stage" for the lead throughout the creation process. Additionally, there's a new option to "skip auto assign," providing more control over the lead assignment.

Google Vertex AI: bug fix

This update addresses a bug fix in the Google Vertex AI app. Users can now input their Project ID correctly in the Send Prompt action, ensuring smoother operation and better task automation.

ExpertConnect: app update

ExpertConnect now provides a more user-friendly way of tracking ticket statuses. They have introduced a readable status field to replace the previous numeric system (0, 1, 2), offering clearer status indicators with labels such as Unassigned, Assigned, and Closed for enhanced usability.

Sesamy: bug fix

Fixed an issue with authentication that users may have experienced. This update ensures a smoother sign-in process and enhances overall security.

Discord: app update

Discord has deployed an update to enhance its messaging features within Zapier. When you send a message to a Channel or Forum Post without specifying a Bot Icon, the Zapier logo will now be used by default. This ensures consistent branding and user experience across the platform.

DocumentPro: bug fix

Resolved an issue where document uploads were not returning data during the trigger test. Users should now experience improved reliability and functionality in this area.

LeadCenter.AI: app update

We're thrilled to announce a new feature for LeadCenter.AI on Zapier: lead search capability. With this update, you can:

  • Locate leads by ID, email, phone, or custom fields directly within Zapier.
  • Enhance your lead management process by quickly finding the exact information you need.
  • Save time and streamline your workflow by integrating this search functionality into your automated processes.
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