App updates: Google AI Studio, Google Vertex AI, Intercom, Files by Zapier and many more

Google AI Studio: app update

Google AI Studio, formerly known as Google Makersuite, marks a significant evolution with its rebranding and the launch of the latest model, Gemini. This update signifies Google's commitment to advancing AI technology and providing users with state-of-the-art tools. Highlights of the update include:

  • Bug fix in Send Prompt action: A crucial improvement has been made to the Send Prompt action. Previously, users experienced failures due to an invalid input field key. This issue has been addressed, greatly enhancing the action's reliability and overall user experience with Google AI Studio.

These developments in Google AI Studio offer users more robust and reliable AI-powered functionalities.

Google Vertex AI: app update

Google Vertex AI has significantly enhanced its action suite with the Gemini Pro model, boosting the accuracy and efficiency of various actions. This update brings notable improvements to the accuracy and efficiency of the following actions:

  • Send Prompt (which also supports Gemini Pro Vision)
  • Analyze Text Sentiment (which also supports Gemini Pro Vision)
  • Write an Email
  • Classify Text
  • Summarize Text
  • Conversation

Intercom: app update

Intercom's recent update introduces significant improvements and a new feature to enhance user experience and efficiency. Highlights of the update include:

  • The introduction of a new action, Send Message to Contact, allows for direct communication with contacts through Intercom.
  • Enhancements to the Find User action to improve search accuracy. Now, if a user searches with an email address, only one result is returned (as determined by Intercom’s API), with the option to receive an error if multiple results are found, enabling direct account merging in Intercom.
  • An additional improvement ensures that email addresses are automatically converted to lowercase during searches, guaranteeing a match with user data in Intercom regardless of the email case.


These updates significantly enhance the functionality of the Intercom app, facilitating better user engagement and data management.


Files by Zapier: app update

Files by Zapier has introduced a new action called File from Text. This action allows you to create a file directly from text input, filename, and file extension to produce a file. This update opens up new possibilities for automating document creation and management, providing users with an efficient tool for handling text-based file generation. app update

You can now create your own Custom Actions using Learn more about creating your own Custom Action today.


Asana: app update and bug fix

Asana's recent updates introduce new functionalities and address key issues to improve user experience within their workflow automation. Updates include:

  • The addition of the Find Task in Workspace action with custom field support enables users to locate tasks more precisely within their workspace.
  • Enhancements to the Find or Create Task action now include support for custom fields, offering more flexibility in task management.
  • A fix for an error users encountered when using the Create Task action in their Zaps, specifically addressing issues related to the lack of access to custom fields on the free Asana plan.

These updates ensure a smoother, more efficient task management process, accommodating the intricate needs of Asana users.


Stripe: app update

Stripe has introduced a new action, Create Invoice, to its suite of functionalities, marking a significant enhancement for users managing financial transactions. This update allows for the seamless creation of invoices directly within Stripe, facilitating a more efficient billing and payment process.


ChatGPT: app update and bug fixes

We're thrilled to announce recent enhancements and a crucial bug fix to the ChatGPT app on Zapier, aimed at enriching user experience and expanding capabilities. The updates include:

  • Enhancement to Conversation With Assistant action: Memory keys exceeding 32 characters are now automatically shortened, ensuring compatibility within the system’s constraints. This update streamlines workflows by effectively managing longer memory keys.
  • Create images with DALLE 3: With the new Generate An Image With DALL-E action, you can create AI-powered image generation to be seamlessly integrated into your applications through ChatGPT. 
  • Bug fix: Resolved an issue where ChatGPT action steps were incorrectly tagged as “private app” or “deprecated” in the Zap editor, ensuring accurate representation and accessibility of the ChatGPT actions within the app.

These updates and fixes significantly enhance the functionality and reliability of the ChatGPT app, providing users with more powerful tools for automation and creativity.

Airtable: bug fix

Airtable has successfully resolved an issue affecting users' workflows. Previously, users encountered 'invalid token errors' in emails related to their Zaps. This fix enhances the reliability of Airtable apps on Zapier, ensuring a smoother and more secure user experience without the interruption of token-related errors.

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