Migrating apps to the latest Zapier Platform - what you need to know

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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

About the migration process

In 2024, Zapier is migrating all remaining apps built on a legacy version of the Zapier Platform that is only used internally. To minimize the chance of this causing issues, Zapier follows this process:

  1. Zapier publishes the new version while marking the previous one as "(Legacy)".
  2. For a few days, Zapier monitors Zaps that have manually selected or updated to the new version, and fixes any issues.
  3. Zapier migrates all Zaps and connected accounts from the previous to the new version, which takes a few days.
  4. Zapier removes the previous version.


How this may affect you

Zapier will automatically migrate your existing Zaps to the new app version. However, you can start using the new version for new Zaps immediately, or update your existing Zaps at your convenience. There's no pressure to make the switch right away.

Learn more about updating to the latest app version.


Where can I see if a new app version is available?

In the Zap editor, for your Zap, you will see a notification in the Status section to inform you about the new version available to use. 


About existing connections

During this time, the old app and its connected accounts will be listed under Other apps. You can not use existing connections for the new app. Once Zapier has completed step 3, you will only see the new app version, which all your Zaps and connections will then be using.


If you have questions, please reach out to Support at https://zapier.com/app/get-help.

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