Starter Plan Sunsetting

On April 2, 2024, Zapier is upgrading the Starter plan to Professional to increase access to our most powerful features. Current Starter users will be moved to the Professional plan at no additional cost and Zapier will no longer offer the Starter plan to users. 

Why is Zapier making this change?

We’re making this change to simplify the plans we offer and create more options to grow within your current plan without needing to upgrade. By removing the Starter plan, the Professional plan becomes the lowest-cost plan where you can create Zaps using all our powerful workflow features. If you want to experience everything that Zapier has to offer, but don’t need the additional administrative controls of a large organization—the Professional plan is here to help.

What’s Changing for Starter Users?

For those accounts on a current Starter plan, no action is required from you. You’ve been moved to the Professional plan at no extra cost, and now have access to all the product features that come with the Professional plan.


Before April 2, 2024 Starting April 2, 2024
Starter plan Professional plan
3 premium apps

Unlimited premium apps 

This includes access to apps such as Webhooks, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Facebook Lead Ads, Shopify—and much more. Take a look at the App Directory to see which premium apps you’ll now have access to.

15-minute Zap polling time

2-minute Zap polling time

Now, your Zaps will poll your trigger app for new information every two minutes.

Note that any newly created Zaps after April 2 will have the new two-minute polling time, while any already existing Zaps will remain on the 15-minute polling time while we work to transition your existing Zaps to the new two-minute time.

You can opt-in to immediately update all your existing Zaps to the two-minute polling time here. Similarly, if you set a custom polling time, that will always take precedence over any default polling times we set as part of this migration.


NEW: Conditional Zaps with Paths

Paths allow you to build advanced workflows that perform different actions based on different conditions. You set up the rules and decide which actions should occur and under which circumstances.


NEW: Advanced Zap settings 

You’ll have more control over how your Zaps function with access to:

What isn’t changing for Starter users?

We’re making these plan improvements without impacting your current plan cost or feature availability, meaning:

  • Your plan cost hasn’t changed
  • Your task tier hasn’t changed: You have the same amount of monthly tasks, unless you choose to upgrade your task tier
  • You have access to the same product features as before, and now more!
  • You'll have access to the same email support offering as before. Please note that while live chat support is available to some Professional plan accounts, it requires you to be on a plan with a 2000+ task tier. As the Starter plan was capped at a 1500-task limit, access to live chat support would require an upgrade to your plan's task limit.

Legacy Starter Plans

If you are noticing that you’re still on a Starter plan, you’re likely on a legacy plan. You’ll need to switch to one of our modern plans to get access to these plan upgrades and features, as well as other recent plan improvements.

To check if you’re on a legacy plan or update your plan:

  1. Head over to your plan options page
  2. Your “current plan” will be highlighted
  3. If you’re on a legacy plan, your “current plan” will say “legacy” and that your plan “is no longer offered.”
  4. To switch to a modern plan, select any of the other plan options that meet your needs
  5. Complete the checkout process
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