App bug fixes: HL Pro Tools, Overloop, Google Drive, Oneflow and many more

HL Pro Tools

This update addresses an issue users were experiencing with the Update Location action. The bug, which resulted in an error regarding snapshot override, has now been fixed to ensure smoother operation within the app.

We’ve resolved an issue with the Create User action where it previously did not return details of the created user. Now it functions correctly, ensuring you receive all necessary user information post creation.



A recent update on Overloop within the Zapier platform has improved the process of creating prospects. The issue has been fixed with selecting lists, organizations, and owners when creating new prospects. This ensures a smoother experience and correct association of prospects within your sales workflows.


Google Drive

The recent updates to the Google Drive app on Zapier have addressed critical bugs to enhance functionality and reliability for users. Highlights of the update include:

  • A bug fix that ensures file links are correctly displayed within the File output for actions, addressing previous issues where this information was missing.
  • Another update resolves an issue with file and folder triggers, enabling users to see hydrated file keys as expected, thus improving the functionality and reliability of these triggers.

These enhancements significantly improve the user experience and workflow automation with Google Drive.



Oneflow has implemented a fix to improve the user experience. Previously, obtaining contract details was problematic without selecting any additional fields—even though it was optional. This issue has now been resolved, ensuring a smoother workflow for users.



The latest update to Worksection addresses crucial bug fixes to enhance the reliability and user experience of our task management process. Key improvements include:

  • A bug fix ensuring that task assignees are correctly linked to tasks after creation, improving the overall reliability of task assignments.
  • Minor bugs in the Create Task and Create Comment actions have been resolved, further refining the app's performance and user interface.

These updates ensure a more efficient and error-free task management experience for all Worksection users.



Prepear's latest update has successfully addressed a critical bug related to authentication issues. This enhancement significantly improves security measures and user accessibility, ensuring a more secure and seamless experience for all Prepear users.


Setmore Appointments

In this update, Setmore Appointments has addressed specific issues to enhance the user experience. These improvements include:

  • A fix has been implemented to correct the provider phone number field.
  • Changes have been made to the labeling of country codes within the app.

These adjustments ensure more accurate data handling and a smoother booking process for both providers and customers.

Investment Dominator

We've resolved an issue to enhance the New Property trigger functionality within Investment Dominator. With the latest update, you can now add new properties with custom statuses without encountering any issues, streamlining your property management process.



Sender has implemented a fix on the Unsubscribe action, addressing a crucial aspect of email campaign management. This update ensures a smoother experience for both users and their subscribers, maintaining compliance and engagement.



Urable has made improvements to the available fields for the New Customer trigger and a correction to an error in the Update User trigger.

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