App update: Confido Legal, EFC Aquila, Worksection, Letterhead, and many more

Confido Legal

Confido Legal has improved their app by updating the method to retrieve firm IDs, following the deprecation of the old request protocol. This update ensures that you can continue to seamlessly integrate Confido Legal with your workflows on Zapier.


EFC Aquila

EFC Aquila has enhanced their Zapier app with improved handling of repeat appointments. You can now enjoy an even smoother and more reliable experience when setting up and managing recurring events through their Zaps.

This update ensures that repeat appointments are more accurately reflected and managed within your automated workflows.



Worksection's recent update introduces significant enhancements to streamline project management and team collaboration more efficiently. Highlights include:

  • The Task Completed trigger now features optional filters for tags and tasks, offering refined automation possibilities.
    A new parameter in the Create Task action enhances task customization, further improving project management efficiency.

This update allows for more detailed task creation, facilitating better team collaboration and project tracking.



Letterhead has released an update for their Zapier app, enhancing audience management with a focus on Welcome Letters. Now you can control how Welcome Letters are handled when adding new audience members, aligning the functionality with Letterhead's API. This update simplifies audience onboarding and personalizes initial communication.



Feathery has rolled out a new feature that streamlines your workflow automation. You can now set up triggers for when files are uploaded or documents are signed, allowing for swift actions based on these events. This update enhances efficiency in handling document-related processes.


PagePixels Screenshots

PagePixels Screenshots has enhanced its capabilities by introducing a new "Website Time Zone" field for the actions:

  • Take a Screenshot of a Web Page
  • Create a Recurring Screenshot 

You can now specify the time zone when taking screenshots of a web page or creating recurring screenshots, ensuring that the captures reflect the web page's appearance and behavior as viewed from different locations.



Omnicasa's app on Zapier has been updated to enhance your automation capabilities. You can now have news fields available to use in your Zaps:

  • Appointment User Email
  • Created User Email
  • Modified User Email

This allows for you to add richer data management and personalization when working with appointments and user-related workflows.



Vepaar users can now enhance their workflow with a new feature that allows for seamless synchronization of reminder data to Zapier. This update streamlines task management and ensures important reminders are integrated into your preferred productivity tools.

We've updated the app on Zapier! Now, when you retrieve an invoice through, the response includes detailed line items. This enhancement allows for greater transparency and ease of accounting when managing invoices. Added line items to invoice responses: Easily view and manage detailed invoice information directly in your workflow.



The Create/Update One Time Meeting action has been improved. You can now update their meeting times more easily by selecting "Event Begins" for the "Start Time" field and "Event Ends" for the "End Time" field. This enhancement streamlines scheduling and ensures accurate reflection of meeting durations.



Close has released an app update enhancing its email and activity features for a more secure and integrated user experience. Here's what's new:

  • Support for expiring email attachment URLs to ensure secure sharing and management of email attachments.
  • Addition of activity URLs to streamline access to specific interactions within Close.

Please note, that this update also includes routine maintenance with updated dependencies for better performance and stability.



The Attio app has been enhanced to increase flexibility in task assignments. Users can now reference task assignees within the Attio workspace not only by their email address but also by their unique workspace member ID, offering an additional method to streamline task delegation.

Enhanced the Custom API Call action with a new option for Job Checks control. Updated user interface descriptions for better clarity and user experience.



Luna has introduced an enhancement to its app, adding convenience for users. With this update: - A new action has been introduced allowing for seamless addition of new leads into a playbook, streamlining your lead management activities within Luna.



Gigasheet has rolled out an exciting new feature to enhance your data management experience. With the New create action: Split Column, you can now effortlessly divide data in one column into multiple columns, streamlining your workflow and improving data organization.



Chatbase has enhanced its app with Zapier, simplifying the user experience. With the new update, instead of displaying the webhook URL, the Zapier icon is now prominently displayed in your chatbot's webhooks section, making it easier to identify your Zaps at a glance.



DonorDock has simplified its contact creation process by removing the mandatory fields for first and last names. When these fields are left blank, the contact will be labeled with "(Unknown)" as the name. This update provides more flexibility in managing contact data within DonorDock.



RLTRsync's latest update brings a valuable improvement to support your real estate business more effectively. Key enhancement includes:

  • The addition of a buyer phone field to the Open House Leads trigger enables the capture and utilization of buyer phone numbers for enhanced lead management.

This update empowers real estate professionals with improved lead capture capabilities, streamlining communication and follow-up with potential buyers.



Convi has rolled out an exciting new feature to enhance the user experience. They've introduced a new trigger named Video Event, designed to activate Zaps based on viewer interactions with video content. This trigger activates when viewers click on call-to-action buttons, book meetings, or watch at least 50% of a video on a Convi landing page.



DisputeFox has released a new update to their Zapier app, enhancing the platform's capabilities. Users can now benefit from the instant Add/Update Client/Lead triggers, which streamline processes by triggering actions the moment a client or lead is added or updated. This update is designed to help users efficiently manage their workflows and maintain up-to-date records with minimal effort.



Salesforce has recently enhanced its Zapier app by adding a new trigger. The New Contact trigger, allows you to automate workflows whenever a new contact is added in Salesforce, streamlining your CRM operations and improving data management capabilities.



Glide has enhanced its app capabilities, providing users with the following new features: A new trigger for getting row data from a table whenever it's been updated. Actions to add, edit, or delete table rows, allowing for seamless data management within your Glide apps.


Google Ads

Google Ads app on Zapier has been updated with additional output fields to help users streamline their workflows. The new fields now available for use include: Campaign Name: Easily identify the campaign associated with your data. Ad Name: Quickly pinpoint which ad generated the interaction. * Lead Form Entry Submission Timestamp: Keep track of the exact time submissions are made through the lead forms.



Urable has enhanced its app by adding four new triggers to streamline your workflow automation:

  • Completed Job
  • Fulfilled Order
  • Paid Job
  • Paid Order

Additionally, Urable has updated its authentication method to improve security, transitioning from API keys to Access Tokens.



Tactiq has enhanced its app by adding a new "Link to the Meeting" field to the trigger functionality. This update allows users to quickly access and keep track of the meeting links associated with their transcriptions.


Access FastTrack360

Access FastTrack360 has rolled out new improvements to enhance functionality. Users can now enjoy the following updates:

  • Added the new search action Find Payslip(s) allowing for streamlined access to payslip data.
  • Updated the internal base URL, transitioning the service to a production environment for improved reliability and performance.



Builtfirst has released an update to its Zapier app by adding a new trigger that can enhance your workflow automation. With the new trigger New Deal in Catalog you can set actions in response to new deals being listed in their catalog. This update enables more dynamic and responsive Zaps tailored to changes in your deal offerings.



Tactiq has refined its app on the Zapier platform. The latest update features an updated description for better clarity and has removed incorrect output field definitions, enhancing the overall user experience. Existing Zaps using Tactiq may require updates to align with the new app details.



Purplepass has enhanced its app capabilities with the addition of two new data points to the New Order trigger. Users can now access:

  • Order Date: Keep track of when orders are placed within Purplepass.
  • Quantity: Monitor the quantity of items ordered for better inventory and sales insights.



Donately introduces the Get Campaign Method, a new feature designed to streamline campaign management. This update allows users to easily access and manage their fundraising campaigns, enhancing the user experience with improved efficiency.



Nimbata rolls out an enhancement by adding a feature to record digits pressed by callers and destinations. This improvement aims to enrich call analytics and user interaction insights.



Worktual has rolled out an update improving how users manage contacts. With the new update, you can now effortlessly search for contacts using their email addresses, streamlining your workflow and saving time.



Keeper now features a New Task Status Update trigger, a significant addition to managing task workflows more effectively. This update empowers users with real-time notifications on task status changes, enhancing project management and team collaboration.



ClayHR has expanded its capabilities with a new trigger for your automated workflows. The New Candidate Interview trigger allows you to seamlessly connect interview scheduling with your other systems, streamlining your hiring process. Keep your team in the loop and react promptly as new interviews are scheduled.

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