Use conditional logic to show fields in forms


This feature is available on paid Zapier Interfaces plans.


Using the Logic tab in a form field, you can display fields based on the user's answers for previous fields. 


You'd like to ask more questions if the person selects the "Owner" option from the Role field in your form.

To create conditional logic for a field, you must first create all necessary conditional and non-conditional fields. Once all fields are ready:

  1. From the component editing screen, click the field you want to make conditional.
  2. A sidebar will open. Click the Logic tab in the top right.
  3. Click + Add condition.
  4. From the Field dropdown menu, select the field you want to use as the condition.
  5. From the Field options dropdown menu, select the rule that the field will follow.
  6. In the text field below Field options, enter a value for the field.
  7. Click Save.

The form will now display the field only when the content of the specified field matches the condition you created. You can add more conditions by clicking + Add condition again.


How multiple conditions work together

You can add up to 5 conditions in a form. Once you add more than one condition, a dropdown field will appear between each condition, and you can decide if it'll use AND or OR logic.

  • AND: conditions marked as AND must be fulfilled to display another field.
  • OR: any of the conditions marked as OR for the same field can be fulfilled to display another field.

The logic works top to bottom, so the first condition will always take precedence. 


Conditional logic rules

You can select one of the following rules:

  • Is exactly
  • Contains (case sensitive)
  • Contains
  • Is one of
  • Starts with (case sensitive)

These rules are based on Zapier Tables filter rules

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