New apps on Zapier: Classy, HTML to Image, Transkriptor, CallMaker,, and Ruly

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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

Discover the latest apps now available to use on Zapier, designed to streamline your workflows and connect your favorite tools like never before.


Introducing Classy on Zapier, a transformative app for nonprofits and fundraising organizations. With Classy, users can now automate their workflows based on comprehensive fundraising data, making it easier than ever to manage donations, campaigns, and supporter engagement. Leverage this app to connect your fundraising efforts with other tools and services, maximizing impact and efficiency in your fundraising activities.

HTML to Image

We're thrilled to introduce HTML to Image on Zapier, a robust image generation API that converts HTML/CSS into images and captures screenshots of webpages with precision. This new app empowers users to automate the creation of images for reports, presentations, or web content directly from their HTML code. Seamlessly integrate HTML to Image with your favorite apps on Zapier to enhance your productivity and streamline your image generation processes.


Zapier is proud to introduce Transkriptor, an innovative app that revolutionizes the way you convert media files to text and manage your notes. With Transkriptor now integrated into Zapier, you can automate the transcription process for any audio or video file, seamlessly turning your recordings into editable text. This app is perfect for professionals and students alike, enabling efficient note management and content creation by connecting Transkriptor with the other apps you use daily.


Zapier welcomes CallMaker, a versatile dialer system tailored for high-contact CRM activities. This new app allows users to automate their call processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity in managing customer relationships. With CallMaker now part of Zapier's extensive app ecosystem, businesses can seamlessly connect their CRM tools with CallMaker, streamlining outreach and follow-up activities to deliver exceptional customer service.

We're excited to introduce on Zapier, a unique app that transforms your daily tasks and achievements into compelling weekly, monthly, and lifelong narratives of your personal and professional growth. With this app, users can automate the process of capturing and organizing their work into meaningful stories, making it easy to reflect on progress and impact over time. Connect with the apps you use every day to seamlessly document your journey and celebrate your milestones.


We are delighted to announce the app of Ruly on Zapier, a no-code platform that empowers users to create responsive web database applications effortlessly. This new addition to Zapier enables you to automate your Ruly workflows, connecting your web apps with hundreds of other services for enhanced productivity and streamlined operations. Whether you're managing data, collaborating on projects, or automating tasks, Ruly's app with Zapier simplifies your processes, making web development accessible to everyone.

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