App updates: Airtable, Discord, Klaviyo, MailChimp Transaction, and many more

Airtable: app update

  • We’ve added an “exact match” option to use for the Find Record and Find Many Records searches, providing you with greater control over your search sensitivity. 
  • We’ve improved how the New Record trigger works by smartly managing data, and making sure everything runs smoothly and quickly without overloading the system. This means a more reliable experience for you.


Discord: app update

Here are the new features available:

  • Automate actions when a new post is created in a form with the New Forum Post trigger, keeping you updated instantly.
  • Use the New Forum Message trigger to never miss out on the conversations when messages are posted in forum threads.
  • Start discussions directly from your workflow using Create New Forum Post action, which helps you to continue to encourage engagement within your community.
  • Make it easy to contribute to forum discussions by using the Send Message in Forum Post action, streamlining communication.


Klaviyo: app update

Here are the new features and improvements to Klaviyo:

  • The new New Subscriber trigger has the added option to filter for only SMS or email subscribers, giving you precise control over your audience engagement.
  • Organize your subscribers with the Subscriber Added to Segment or List trigger.
  • We’ve improved error handling. Now when you get a 500 error, a human-readable error message is shown, making it easier to understand and fix issues.
  • We’ve updated connection labels for app connections to include the Organization Name instead of the Site ID, simplifying identification.
  • We’ve added a new Remove Subscriber from List action to allow you more dynamic management of your subscriber list.


Mailchimp Transactional: bug fix

We’ve fixed an issue affecting the Send Template action. Some users were seeing the error message “Response payload size exceeded maximum allowed payload size" when loading the "Template" dropdown menu. This behavior has been fixed and it should work as intended.


Medium: app removal

We’ve removed the Medium app, as Medium’s API has been deprecated.


Microsoft Outlook: app updates

We’ve made some existing updates to Microsoft Outlook app on Zapier to enhance your workflow automation. Here’s what’s new:

New triggers and actions:

  • The New Message in Folder trigger allows for you to create automation based on messages received in specific folders, including the “Send” folder.
  • The New Attachment trigger has the option to choose a specific folder, perfecting handling attachments efficiently.
  • The Delete Event action makes it easier to manage your calendar automatically.

Enhanced features:

  • The New Email trigger now included detailed attachment information: filename, file type, file size, and attachment ID.
  • We’ve increased the attachment size and now support multiple attachments for the Create Draft Email and Send Email actions, facilitating more comprehensive email automation.


Pipedrive: app update

The Pipedrive app on Zapier has received new updates to help you manage your activities within your sales pipeline:

  • The Find Activity search action has the added option to use fuzzy or exact search, giving you more control over how search results are matched.
  • We’ve added new input fields for Create Activity and Update Activity actions, including:
    • Due date and time: with an option to combine them for precise scheduling.
    • Lead: to associate activities directly with specific leads.
    • Location: to specify where an activity will take place.
    • Public description: to add more details visible to your team.
    • Free/Busy status: to mark your availability.


Zendesk: bug fix and app update

  • We’ve added the ability to attach files in the Create Ticket action.
  • Resolved errors that occurred when the Create Ticket action had a value for Collaborators, ensuring smoother ticket creation when working with team members.
  • We’ve added the Remove Tag from Ticket action to enable dynamic management of ticket tags.


Zoom: bug fix

We’ve implemented a crucial update to enhance the authentication stability. We resolved an issue with the authentication refresh mechanism to improve overall authentication stability and significantly reduce occurrences of 401 errors. 

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