App updates: Jira Software Server, Google Workspace Admin, Zendesk, Jira Software Cloud, and Microsoft SharePoint

Jira Software Server: app update

Exciting news! This update expands compatibility with Jira, now supporting both Server and Data Center versions 8 and above.

What this means for you:

  • Seamless integration with your existing Jira environment, regardless of deployment style.
  • Leverage our app's features and functionality across a wider range of Jira setups.


Google Workspace Admin: app update

We’ve added a new trigger called Updated User. This gives you another way to streamline user management in Google Workspace Admin.


Zendesk: bug fix and app update

This Zendesk update brings both a welcomed bug fix and a handy new feature:

  • We’ve fixed a bug where the New Trigger trigger was triggering on old triggers. Now, it functions as intended, responding only to brand-new triggers creation.
  • We’ve added the Find Ticket(s) action. Now you can save valuable time with targeted ticket filtering.


Jira Software Cloud: app update

We’ve made some powerful enhancements to your issue management experience:

  • We’ve added support for Wiki Markup syntax on the following:
    • Create Issue action
    • Update Issue action
    • Add Comment action
  • You can also add attachments to:
    • New Issue trigger
    • Update Issue trigger

Ready to unleash these improvements? Update your Zap today and experience smoother, more informative issue management!


Microsoft SharePoint: app update

Sharpen your SharePoint document monitoring with the latest app update, introducing the New File in Subfolders trigger. This trigger automatically activates whenever a new file is uploaded or created within the first-level subfolder of a designated SharePoint library.

Boost your document management efficiency with Microsoft SharePoint today!

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