App update: EmailOctopus, Donorbox, LearningSuite, MyCase, TidyCal, and many more

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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

EmailOctopus: app update

EmailOctopus has rolled out new features to enhance automation across email campaigns. Users can now enjoy more powerful triggers within Zapier, including:

  • Trigger when a contact is added or updated in a list.
  • Trigger when a contact interacts with a campaign email.

With these updates, users can further streamline their email marketing workflows and maintain up-to-date subscriber information with ease.

Donorbox: bug fixes

In the latest update, Donorbox has addressed an important issue to enhance user experience. They resolved the problem with custom questions for the ticket trigger, ensuring seamless data collection and automation workflows.

LearningSuite: app update

LearningSuite has rolled out an update to their Zapier app that includes support for pagination. This enhancement is designed to improve the handling of larger datasets, making it easier for users to process information in manageable chunks.

MyCase: app update

This update to the MyCase app ensures a more comprehensive experience when creating leads, persons, cases, or companies by displaying all custom fields for input, rather than the initial limitation of the first 25 fields. Users can now fully utilize custom fields without constraints, enhancing data entry and management within the app.

TidyCal: app update

TidyCal has enhanced its app by adding the capability to parse individual booking questions and answers, making it easier for users to automate their workflows with precise data handling.

Bigin by Zoho CRM: app update

Bigin by Zoho CRM has just expanded its reach, now offering support for customers using both Canada (CA) and South America (SA) data centers. This update ensures users in these regions experience improved performance and local compliance.

Eventbrite: app update

Eventbrite has released a new search action that enhances functionality for users. The new Find Attendee By Id action provides an efficient way to locate event attendees within Eventbrite using their unique identifiers. With this action, you can retrieve specific attendee information quickly and efficiently. Say goodbye to manual searching and save time with this handy addition. Upgrade your Zaps now to take advantage of this powerful new feature!

Klaviyo: app update

Klaviyo has enhanced its app with a new trigger that expands automation capabilities. Users can now automate workflows whenever a subscriber is added to a Segment or List, enabling more targeted and timely engagement. This addition offers a streamlined way to trigger personalized communication based on subscriber list changes.

Zoho Campaigns: app update

Zoho Campaigns now offers expanded support including the introduction of services in the Canada data center and enhanced workspace capabilities. This update allows users to better manage their email campaigns within their geographical location and to collaborate more efficiently in their marketing efforts.

Copilot: app update

We're excited to announce new features in the Copilot app on Zapier:

  • Create Contract action: Automate contract creation directly within Copilot. This action enables you to generate contracts from various triggers, like form submissions or CRM updates, streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time.
  • Find Contract action: Easily locate and retrieve specific contracts in Copilot with the new search functionality.

Whether you're searching by name, client, or any other criteria, this feature enhances your ability to integrate contract details into your automated processes.

Process Street: app update

This update enhances the Process Street app on Zapier by improving how rate limit errors are managed during workflow execution. It ensures smoother automation by appropriately handling situations when the rate of requests exceeds the allowed threshold. Users should experience fewer disruptions when running their automated workflows with this improvement.

Give Lively: new app

We are thrilled to introduce Give Lively to Zapier, a fundraising platform designed with nonprofits and donors in mind. This app brings new triggers to automate your donation management:

  • New Donation trigger: Receive notifications whenever a new donation is received, helping you stay on top of your fundraising efforts.
  • Updated Donation Status trigger: Keep your records up-to-date automatically when the status of a donation changes. This trigger ensures your data reflects the most current information.
  • Updated Donation trigger: Respond promptly to any updates in donations, allowing for timely engagement with your donors and accurate record-keeping.

Everfit: new app

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Everfit on Zapier, a game-changing personal training management platform that revolutionizes how trainers connect with and train clients globally. Everfit's app brings a host of automation capabilities designed to streamline client management, program assignments, and overall workflow for personal trainers. With Everfit now available on Zapier, trainers can leverage powerful triggers and actions to automate various aspects of their coaching business. From client onboarding to program management, Everfit's tools are designed to enhance efficiency, allowing trainers to focus more on delivering personalized coaching and less on administrative tasks. This app marks a significant step forward in making personal training management more intuitive and impactful, providing powerful coaching tools at the fingertips of trainers everywhere. new app

We're excited to introduce to Zapier, an innovative all-in-one collaboration tool designed to enhance project and task management through efficient communication and business management features. With's app, users gain access to powerful actions that automate key aspects of their workflow:'s app allows for seamless automation of notifications, schedules, posts, and tasks, streamlining communication and project management for teams. This addition to Zapier empowers users to enhance productivity and collaboration within their teams, leveraging the power of automation to simplify complex processes.

Castmagic: new app

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Castmagic to Zapier, a groundbreaking app that transforms audio into content effortlessly. Castmagic offers innovative features for content creators, making it simpler to convert spoken words into engaging written content. This app introduces essential tools to automate your content creation process:

  • Create AI Content trigger: Automatically generate written content from audio inputs, leveraging AI to turn your recordings into polished articles, blog posts, or social media content.
  • Import Recording File action: Seamlessly upload audio files to Castmagic, initiating the content creation process without manual effort. Castmagic's presence on Zapier opens up new possibilities for content creators, podcasters, and marketers, providing a streamlined workflow to repurpose audio content efficiently and creatively.

Semby AI: new app

We're delighted to introduce Semby AI to Zapier, the ultimate AI team assistant designed to revolutionize how professional meetings are managed. Semby AI not only transcribes your meetings but also intelligently generates meeting notes and tasks, ensuring no critical information is missed. With this app, users can automate their workflow like never before:

  • New Task/To Do trigger: Automatically create tasks or to-dos in other project management tools whenever Semby AI identifies actionable items in your meeting.
  • New Transcription trigger: Seamlessly integrate meeting transcriptions into your documentation or CRM tools, ensuring all discussions are accurately captured and accessible.
  • New Meeting Notes trigger: Automatically generate and share detailed meeting notes with stakeholders or save them in your preferred note-taking app, streamlining meeting follow-ups and information sharing.

Semby AI's app with Zapier offers a powerful solution for professionals looking to enhance meeting efficiency, capture essential discussions, and automate task management, ensuring teams stay aligned and productive.

Files by Zapier: app update

We're excited to announce new actions for Files by Zapier, enhancing your ability to automate file processing tasks directly within Zapier. Files by Zapier, known for its straightforward approach to importing and processing various file types such as text and CSV, now offers expanded capabilities to streamline your workflows:

  • Line items from CSV action: Convert CSV file contents into individual line items, simplifying the process of handling and organizing data for further automation.
  • Text from File action: Extract text content from files, allowing for easy manipulation, analysis, or app of text data into your workflows.
  • Trigger Zaps from CSV rows action: Activate workflows based on each row within a CSV file, enabling dynamic responses to data entries and automating processes based on file content.

These new actions make Files by Zapier an even more powerful tool for managing file-based data, providing users with the flexibility to automate complex tasks and enhance efficiency across their digital workflows.

MailWizz: new app

We are pleased to introduce MailWizz to Zapier, a robust self-hosted email marketing solution designed to simplify your email campaigns with its comprehensive feature set. MailWizz offers a seamless way to manage subscribers and automate your email marketing efforts:


  • New Subscriber: Automatically trigger actions in other apps whenever a new subscriber is added to your lists, ensuring real-time engagement.
  • New Unsubscriber: Activate workflows when a subscriber opts out, helping you manage your list hygiene effectively.


  • Create Subscriber: Automatically add new subscribers to your lists from other apps, streamlining the process of growing your audience.
  • Unsubscribe Subscriber: Manage list preferences by unsubscribing users directly through workflows, maintaining compliance and subscriber satisfaction.
  • Find Lists: Easily locate your subscriber lists for targeted actions and apps, enhancing your campaign management.
  • Find Subscriber by Email: Quickly search for and identify subscribers by their email address, enabling personalized engagement or list maintenance tasks.

MailWizz's app with Zapier opens up new possibilities for email marketers to automate their workflows, efficiently manage their subscribers, and enhance the overall effectiveness of their email campaigns.

iClosed: new app

We're excited to announce the addition of iClosed to Zapier, a cutting-edge sales analytics and scheduler platform designed to help businesses scale efficiently. iClosed integrates seamlessly with Zapier to automate your sales and scheduling processes, offering a variety of triggers and actions:


  • Call Cancelled: Activates when a call is cancelled, allowing for immediate follow-up actions.
  • Call Outcome: Triggers based on the outcome of a call, enabling targeted responses.
  • Call Rescheduled:Initiates when a call is rescheduled, ensuring your calendar stays up-to-date.
  • Contact Detail Changed: Fires when a contact's details are updated, keeping records current.
  • Contact Disqualified: Activates when a contact is disqualified, helping refine your focus.
  • Qualified Contact: Triggers for each new qualified contact, streamlining lead management.
  • Potential Contact: Identifies potential contacts, enhancing lead generation efforts.
  • Lead Status Changed: Notifies when a lead's status changes, allowing for dynamic workflow adjustments.
  • Contact Call Booked: Triggers when a call is booked with a contact, facilitating appointment scheduling.


  • Create Order: Automates order creation, improving sales processing efficiency.
  • Create Contact: Simplifies the addition of new contacts to your database.
  • Search Contact: Enables quick searching of contacts, aiding in efficient contact management.

iClosed's app with Zapier empowers businesses to automate their sales and scheduling activities, ensuring a more streamlined, efficient workflow and the ability to scale operations effectively.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: new app

We are excited to welcome Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to Zapier, an essential tool for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) worldwide. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is designed to offer active protection against the most common cyber threats, safeguarding customers and departments with its comprehensive cybersecurity measures. This app enables MSPs to automate their cybersecurity workflows, ensuring that their customers' data and systems remain protected with less manual intervention. By leveraging Zapier, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud users can connect with hundreds of other apps to streamline alerts, reports, and incident responses, enhancing their overall security posture and operational efficiency. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud's presence on Zapier represents a significant advancement in making cybersecurity more accessible and manageable for MSPs, allowing them to focus on delivering superior service while ensuring their clients' digital assets are secure and resilient against threats. app update has enhanced its app capabilities by adding a new feature. Users can now receive the email address of a secondary prospect within the response body, identified as "secondary_prospect_email". This update allows for more detailed tracking and connectivity with your prospects.

Zip Archive API: app update

We've introduced an enhancement to the Zip Archive API, implementing a new multi-file zip extraction algorithm. This update allows users to efficiently extract multiple files from a zip archive, streamlining the process and saving time. Get ready to handle zip files with greater ease and improved performance.

GoCardless: bug fixes

We've fine-tuned the GoCardless app by resolving an issue with floating point values. Now, your transactions will process more accurately, ensuring that your financial data remains precise and reliable.

Recruit CRM: app update

Recruit CRM has released an update enhancing its Zapier app with new functionalities:

  • New delete triggers have been added for Candidates, Companies, Contacts, Jobs, and Deals, allowing for more dynamic workflow automation.
  • The app now supports the meeting type field within Zapier, offering users additional customization options for their automated processes.

Finmo: app update

This update introduces a new trigger functionality for document status updates within Finmo. Users can now automate workflows to respond every time a document's status is updated, not just when borrowers initiate changes. Additionally, field names within the Finmo app have been updated for clarity and better usability.

Covve Scan: app update

Covve Scan's latest update enhances its app with Zapier by introducing two new features that respond to user requests. Here's what's new:

  • When corrections are made to a scanned card's payload, these modifications can now be sent automatically to Zapier.
  • Added tags to scanned cards are also sent to Zapier, allowing for improved organization and workflow automation.

Ashby: new app

We're thrilled to announce the app of Ashby on Zapier, a comprehensive recruiting software that combines an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), analytics, scheduling, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into a single, unified platform. Ashby is designed to streamline the recruiting process, making it easier for teams to find, engage, and hire top talent efficiently. With Ashby now available on Zapier, recruiters can automate key aspects of their workflow, connecting Ashby with hundreds of other applications to enhance productivity. Whether it's syncing candidate information, automating interview scheduling, or analyzing recruitment metrics, this app facilitates a more connected and automated recruitment process. Ashby's app into Zapier empowers recruitment teams to leverage the power of automation, ensuring that they can focus more on engaging with candidates and making strategic hiring decisions, while the software handles the complexities of recruitment logistics and data management.

SalesCaptain: app update

We're excited to announce a significant update to the SalesCaptain integration on Zapier, enhancing the AI-powered customer experience marketing (CXM) platform for local businesses. This update introduces a suite of new triggers and actions, enabling SalesCaptain users to connect with a broader range of applications and automate their workflows more effectively:


  • SalesCaptain Gmail trigger: Send emails via Gmail directly from your SalesCaptain inbox, streamlining communication.


  • Create Lead From Clio: Automatically generates a lead in SalesCaptain from Clio, enhancing lead management.
  • List New Jobs by Milestone in AccuLynx: Automatically lists new jobs by milestone in AccuLynx and sends the details to SalesCaptain, ensuring seamless job tracking.
  • Send Shopify Order Details to SalesCaptain: Sends Shopify order details to SalesCaptain, linking sales data with customer experience efforts.
  • Send Payment Details From QuickBooks Online to SalesCaptain: Automates the transfer of payment details from QuickBooks Online to SalesCaptain, streamlining financial data integration.
  • Create a New Customer From Printavo: Converts Printavo entries into new customer records in SalesCaptain, facilitating customer management.
  • Create Lead From Facebook: Stores Facebook leads directly in SalesCaptain, optimizing social media lead capture.
  • Add Client From Jobber to SalesCaptain: Transfers client details from Jobber to SalesCaptain, enhancing client database accuracy.
  • Send Upcoming Meeting Details to SalesCaptain: Ensures meeting details are automatically sent to SalesCaptain, aiding in meeting preparation and client engagement.
This update significantly expands the functionality of SalesCaptain, allowing users to connect their preferred tools and platforms seamlessly. By automating critical tasks, SalesCaptain users can focus more on delivering exceptional customer experiences and growing their local businesses.
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