App update: Freshsales Suite, BHuman, Push by Technulus, Front, and more

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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

Freshsales Suite: bug fixes

We've rolled out an update that addresses an important bug fix in Freshsales Suite. Users were encountering a "ContactID isn't defined" error. This update resolves issues in the following areas:

  • Fixed the Create Contact action which previously returned a "ContactID is not defined" error.
  • Resolved the Find Contact by Unique Fields action error where "ContactID" was not being identified.

Now you can create contacts and search by unique fields without any hiccups!


BHuman: app update

BHuman has released a new feature to enhance its app capabilities on Zapier. The latest addition is the New Video trigger, which activates when a new video is generated for your campaign. This provides you with immediate automation opportunities as soon as new video content is available.


Push by Techulus: app update

Push by Techulus has rolled out a new feature that enhances the user experience by introducing custom notification sounds. This update allows you to personalize audio alerts within the app, providing a tailored notification experience.


Front: app update

Front has recently enhanced its functionality by adding support for the custom message type in the Import Message action. This update brings a significant improvement and allows you to import custom message types into Front. The key benefits of this new feature include increased flexibility and customization in workflows, enhanced organization and management of messages, and overall improved productivity and efficiency for Front users.


Scoro: app update

Scoro's Zapier app has been updated with new features to enhance your finance document workflows. The app now includes "doer email" and "role name" fields within finance documents' lines fields, offering more detailed insights and customization options for your financial tracking and reporting. Ensure you update your Zaps to integrate these new features and maintain seamless functionality.


Teamtailor: app update

This update brings two enhancements to the Teamtailor app on Zapier:

  • It now provides example sample data for Candidate events that support real company custom fields, giving you a more realistic data environment for testing.
  • You now have the ability to select specific Zaps to be triggered by Teamtailor's events, enabling more precise automation. app update has enhanced its Zapier app to streamline your workflow:

  • Introduced a delay feature for image and PDF generation, allowing for better timing control in your automations.
  • Added a file key attribute to improve management and reference of generated files.


CustomGPT: app update

CustomGPT has expanded its Zapier app to enhance automation capabilities for messaging and project management. Here are the new features available:

  • Automatically trigger a workflow when a message is posted in a conversation with the New Messages Posted trigger.
  • Initiate a process when a new conversation is created within the platform with the New Conversation Created trigger.
  • Search for an existing conversation or create a new one as needed with the Find or Create conversation action.
  • Enable the creation or search for a project, by streamlining project management tasks with the Find or Create Project action.


Text In Church: app update

Text In Church has rolled out a new update to their app on Zapier, enhancing the way you connect and engage with your community.

  • A new trigger Connect Card Submission has been added to help you automate follow-ups and keep track of new visitors.
  • There's a fix to the bug users were experiencing with the Search Contact action. It now works as expected, allowing you to find and manage your contacts more efficiently.


Close: bug fix

Close has recently implemented a crucial bug fix to enhance user experience. The issue, which prevented users from being found in the Find User in Close action, has been successfully resolved. This fix ensures a smoother workflow, significantly improving the reliability and functionality of the Find User in Close action.


Stripe: app update

Stripe has released an important update to their Zapier app, introducing new functionality for your automated workflows. The new Cancel Subscription action allows you to automate the process of canceling subscriptions directly through your Zaps, streamlining your subscription management tasks.


Personal AI: bug fix

Personal AI has released an update addressing a critical bug. This bug fix pertains to an issue where uploading to a specific persona was not functioning correctly. With this resolution, users can now seamlessly upload to their desired persona, ensuring a more reliable and effective user experience in Personal AI.


TextMagic SMS: app update

We've updated the TextMagic SMS app to enhance your workflow. Introduced a new parameter, emptyResultOnEmptyQuery, which returns an empty search result when no query is passed. This can help streamline processes when a query is conditional or optional.


Mailchimp Transactional: app update

Enhance your email campaign management with Mailchimp Transactional's latest update. The app now offers a new filter field that simplifies the process of selecting templates by limiting the number displayed in the Templates dropdown menu. This update helps users streamline template selection and improve workflow efficiency.


Superchat: app update

Superchat's latest update enriches your workflow automation with new triggers and actions, improving how you interact with messages and contacts within the platform:

  • Dynamic samples for webhook triggers now accommodate all types of message traffic and provide insight into custom contact attributes through the Contact Updated and Contact Created triggers.
  • A new Create Note action allows you to conveniently add conversation notes within the app.
  • Enhanced contact management is now possible with the newly added "Search by Contact ID" field in the Find a Contact action.
  • The Search a File action introduces the ability to locate files easily, streamlining your document-handling tasks.


Intercom: app update

This update to the Intercom app ensures that whitespace is automatically trimmed from input field values. This improvement addresses and prevents the "trailing_whitespace" error, leading to a more seamless and error-free user experience.


Linear: app update

The Linear app on Zapier has just been enhanced with the addition of two new triggers:

  • The New Document Comment trigger allows for the automation of workflows whenever a new comment is added to a document in Linear.
  • The New Project Update Comment trigger enables actions to be taken automatically when a comment is posted on a project update.

These updates are designed to improve communication and project management within your team.


Parseur: app update

Parseur has implemented a new method for connecting to Zapier by introducing API Key authentication. This enhancement ensures better security and simplifies the app process. Please note that login/password authentication is now deprecated, and users are encouraged to update their Zaps to the new version.


Jibble: app update

Jibble has enhanced its app capabilities with a new feature. Users can now automate workflows with the addition of a new trigger New or Update Manual Time Entry.

Automate your tasks by triggering actions in other apps whenever a manual time entry is created or updated in Jibble. This ensures seamless time tracking and management across your productivity tools.


ServiceTrade: app update

ServiceTrade's latest update enhances its Zapier app with two significant enhancements:

  • ServiceTrade now supports API Request actions, which means you can create your own actions, unlocking custom automation possibilities tailored to specific needs.
  • The app now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication, streamlining access for users and increasing security.


Swapcard: app update

Swapcard has introduced a significant new feature enhancing the event registration experience. You can now add custom registration fields, enabling the collection of specific attendee information such as job title, company name, or dietary preferences. This update offers greater control over the registration process and assists in gathering valuable attendee data. app update has transitioned to a new API version (2024-01), bringing enhancements to its functionality. This update includes a refinement in handling empty values for the "vote" column, ensuring better data management. Additionally, the format of the "check" column value has been revised for improved usability. 


SweepBright: app update

SweepBright app with Zapier now includes a new Change Property Visibility action. This feature allows you to easily toggle the visibility of your properties, making them either public or private. The addition simplifies property management, eliminating the need for manual updates and enhancing workflow efficiency. Take advantage of this convenient new feature and streamline your property management process.

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