App update: Freshsales Suite, Spotify, Project Broadcast, Superchat, and more

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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

Freshsales Suite: app update and bug fixes

This update introduces valuable new features and enhancements to Freshsales Suite, alongside important bug fixes that improve user experience.

  • New features:
    • Added a new trigger for account update notifications.
    • Introduced the ability to create records in custom modules.
  • Enhancements:
    • Multi-select fields are now clearly separated by commas for better readability.
    • Contact updates can now be executed using mobile numbers and External IDs.
  • Bug fixes
    • Resolved an issue where newly created contacts were not being added to the list.
    • Fixed the Find Contact by Unique Fields action which previously returned a nonexistent list error.


Spotify: app update

We've enhanced the Spotify app on Zapier to give you more control over your music and podcast experiences. Check out the latest features:

  • Start and control playback across your devices with the Start Playback action.
  • Efficiently find songs, playlists, albums, and artists using the Search for Item action.
  • Update existing playlists easily with the Update Playlist action.
  • Stay updated with new podcast episodes using the New Podcast Episode trigger.
  • Dive deep into podcast content with the Find Episode action.
  • Manage your current listening session with the Get Current Track action.
  • Organize your playlists by removing tracks with the Remove Track from Playlists action.
  • Expand your music library by saving entire albums with the Save Album action.
  • Add tracks to specific positions in your playlists with the new "position" field in the Add Track to Playlist action.


Project Broadcast: bug fix

Two important bug fixes have been implemented for contact management within Project Broadcast:

  • Custom field values are now preserved when updating a subset of fields. This means you can update specific custom fields without losing previously entered data in other fields.
  • Existing tags are maintained when new tags are added during contact updates. This ensures that you don't accidentally overwrite existing tags when adding new ones.


Superchat: app update

Great news! Superchat has just released an update to their Zapier app, adding more actions and triggers. Now, you can benefit from creating contacts, updating contacts, sending any kind of messages, and managing conversations in Superchat.

With these new features, you'll have even more control and flexibility in integrating Superchat with your other apps. Upgrade your workflows today and experience the power of Superchat's expanded Zapier functionality!


Wealthbox CRM: app update

Wealthbox CRM has made a valuable update to their Zapier app. You can now assign tasks to any active teams in your Wealthbox CRM workspace when creating tasks through Zapier. This enhancement improves collaboration and task management for your team. Make sure to update your Zaps to take advantage of this new capability!


Hyros: app update

Hyros has enhanced its functionality with a new feature that allows users to set lead stages seamlessly. You can now specify a lead stage using the "stage" field when creating orders, leads, or calls, streamlining the lead management process. This update offers more control over lead tracking and organization within the Hyros platform.


WooSender: app update

WooSender has enhanced its Zapier app with new features that streamline campaign management, user assignment, and pipeline organization. You can now:

  • Assign specific campaigns directly within Zapier.
  • Allocate users to tasks or actions for better team coordination.
  • Organize and manage their sales pipeline more effectively.


Microsoft SharePoint: app update

The Microsoft SharePoint app on Zapier gets even more powerful! We've added a new New File in Folder or Subfolders trigger, allowing you to automate workflows based on files added to any specific folder or its subfolders within SharePoint. This enhances your workflow automation possibilities and streamlines your processes.


Harness: app update

Harness has enhanced its Zapier app with a valuable new feature to streamline your workflows. You can use the new trigger New Ticket Purchase that triggers upon successful ticket purchase transactions, allowing for automated follow-ups or data tracking immediately after a sale is completed.


Searchie: app update

Searchie has rolled out new updates for their Zapier app, enhancing your ability to manage content in playlists. These updates introduce new triggers and actions, giving you more flexibility and automation options for playlist content management. To take advantage of these new features, update your Zaps involving Searchie playlists.


OrbisX: app update

Get ready for a powerful upgrade to the Orbis app's New Events feature! We've synchronized the polling version with the New Events trigger, meaning you'll now receive real-time notifications and gain access to a wealth of details like:

  • Vehicle details: See the specifics of vehicles involved in events.
  • Client links: Easily access relevant client information with quick links.
  • Contact information: Stay connected with email and phone numbers at your fingertips.

This enhanced data display lets you track your events with unmatched efficiency. No more waiting for polls or missing crucial information. Stay informed and in control with every new event.


NationBuilder: app update

The NationBuilder app has been enhanced by adding a new trigger related to donations. With the new Donation Status trigger, you can easily filter and respond to donations based on whether they have succeeded or failed, improving your ability to manage fundraising efforts.


SuperOffice CRM: bug fix

A bug has been addressed that was causing issues with the interest update feature in SuperOffice CRM. With this fix, you can now expect the interest field to update accurately and reliably, ensuring your data stays consistent with your expectations.


Klaviyo: app update

Heads up, Klaviyo users! We've streamlined the "Subscriber" field to improve accuracy and consistency. Here's what's changed:

  • Focus on Subscriber IDs: The "Subscriber" field now exclusively accepts Subscriber IDs. Email addresses are no longer valid here.
  • Ensure correct app functionality: To avoid any disruptions, please update any Zaps that rely on the "Subscriber" field. Make sure they use Subscriber IDs instead of email addresses.

This update clarifies communication between Klaviyo and your connected apps, ensuring smooth operation and accurate data processing. View all of your Zaps that use Klaviyo.


LMN: bug fixes

We've released an update for the LMN app that tackles some common hiccups. Here's what's fixed:

  • Contacts: Say goodbye to pesky issues with the "Classification" field when creating new contacts. Everything should run smoothly now!
  • To-Dos: The "Assignee" field in To-Do creation is back on track. No more unexpected glitches, so assigning tasks is a breeze!

These improvements should lead to a more seamless and reliable experience for managing your contacts and tasks in LMN.


Moxie: app update

Moxie has streamlined its invoicing process with the addition of the Apply Payment method. Users can now easily mark invoices as paid directly within the Moxie app, enhancing efficiency and financial management.


MailMunch: app update

MailMunch has enhanced its app capabilities by implementing support for extra custom fields when adding new contacts. This update allows for more personalized and detailed information to be captured for each contact, enabling better segmentation and targeted marketing efforts.


Plug&Pay: app update

With Plug&Play you can use a new trigger called Form Submitted to enhance your workflow automation.

This trigger simplifies how you interact with your Plug&Pay forms with your existing workflows. Whenever a form is successfully completed, you can automatically trigger specific actions in other tools, saving you time and effort. Explore its capabilities and discover how it can optimize your workflows.


Attio: bug fix

An important update to Attio that tackles a critical bug affecting the Create or Update Record action has been released. Here's what's improved:

  • Enhanced attribute selector: The issue causing errors in the attribute selector has been resolved. You can now confidently select the correct attributes when creating or updating records, ensuring data accuracy and a smoother experience.
  • More reliable record management: This fix paves the way for more reliable and efficient record management in Attio. You can create and update records with the assurance that your data is accurate and consistent.


Luma: app update and bug fix

Luma's app on Zapier has been enhanced with a new trigger. The new Event Updated trigger activates whenever an event is updated, streamlining your workflow by capturing changes in real-time.

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