App update: Teachery, Zendesk, MyGadgetRepairs, ChatGPT, Close and more

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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

Teachery: app update

Teachery has made improvements to their API endpoints for webhooks to enhance the instant trigger functionality. This internal update provides more stability and efficiency for users who utilize webhooks to integrate their Teachery courses with other services on the Zapier platform.


Zendesk: app update

We've enhanced our Zendesk app to better handle custom fields. This update ensures that various custom field types are now supported, improving accuracy and consistency when you create or update tickets through Zapier. Please note, however, that fields of type lookup and custom_status remain unsupported.


MyGadgetRepairs: app update

Keep your customer interactions and project management seamless with the latest enhancements to the MyGadgetRepairs app on Zapier. Our newest update broadens your automation capabilities with:

  • A new trigger, Updated Customer, to start workflows whenever customer details change.
  • Four new actions for robust project management, including:
    • Create Project Tag to categorize your projects effectively. 
    • Add Tag to Project for better project tracking.
    • Find or Create Project Tag to ensure tags are consistently applied.
    • Add Tag to Project Task to maintain task organization.


ChatGPT: app update

The ChatGPT app on Zapier has been updated with new features to enhance your workflow. These improvements include:

  • The addition of a max tokens setting for the vision feature allows for more control over the output. 
  • Updates to testing protocols to ensure smoother automation experiences.
  • Enhanced error handling, including better support for cases where a task requires manual replay.


Close: app update

Close has enhanced its app capabilities on Zapier and added the ability to update meeting or call notes based on the call's linked meeting status.


OneDrive: app update

We're excited to announce that OneDrive now supports shared files and folders in actions! With this new feature, you can easily integrate your shared files and folders with other apps and automate your workflows. Whether you want to create a new file, update an existing file, or move a file to a shared folder, OneDrive has got you covered. This enhancement will make it even easier to collaborate and share files across your favorite apps.


Google BigQuery: app update

We've refined the Run a Query search action within Google BigQuery's app. With this update, the search will now attempt to wait for your query to complete before delivering results, ensuring you receive the most current data when you need it. This enhancement aims to improve reliability and reduce workflow latency.


Unbiased Pro: app update

Unbiased Pro has made significant updates to its Zapier app that may affect your automated workflows. These changes include:

  • A new field named 'matched postcode' has been added. 
  • The 'client_postcode' field has been renamed to 'client_zip_code' for compatibility with US naming conventions. Ensure your Zaps are current by integrating these new fields where necessary.


HubSpot: app update and bug fix

HubSpot has rolled out an app update with notable changes and bug fixes:

  • The number of deals retrieved by Recently Updated Deals trigger has been decreased to 50 to streamline data handling and improve performance.
  • Testing Zaps that relied on the now-deprecated contact list requests have been adjusted to ensure continued functionality.


Eventbrite: app update

Eventbrite has added a new trigger to its Zapier app to enhance your automated workflow capabilities. The new Updated Attendee trigger allows for automatic actions when attendee details are updated in Eventbrite, so you can keep your event management processes synchronized and responsive to changes.


Microsoft Teams: bug fix

A recent update to Microsoft Teams app has addressed and resolved an issue users were experiencing. The functionality for sending messages with chat markdown and HTML support has been improved to ensure smooth communication within Microsoft Teams.


AddEvent: app update

We're excited to announce that AddEvent has a new feature to enhance your scheduling experience. Now, you can effortlessly generate valid recurring rules for your events using the link to our recurring rule generator. This update simplifies creating repeat events and ensures they're set up correctly every time.


Google Contacts: app update

Google Contacts now has a new trigger for your automations. With this update, you can create Zaps that initiate whenever a new contact is added, making it easier to keep track of your growing network and integrate with your workflow effortlessly.


Jira Software Cloud: app update

We've optimized the way we handle Issue Types in Jira Software Cloud. We've switched to a newer, more efficient Issue Types endpoint, ensuring faster and more reliable interactions with your Jira projects.


Facebook Custom Audiences: app update

Facebook Custom Audiences has added a new feature to its Zapier app, enhancing its utility for users. The app now includes a new action called Remove Email From Custom Audience, allowing you to automate the process of updating your custom audiences. This update simplifies audience management by enabling the seamless removal of email addresses from your custom audiences directly via Zapier.


OnePageCRM: app update

OnePageCRM has enhanced its app by adding the 'Lead Sources' field to Zaps. This new feature allows users to effectively manage and track lead capture from various sources, automate targeted nurturing based on lead origin, and optimize conversion and upselling processes with more tailored sales automation workflows.


Copilot: app update

The Copilot integration on Zapier now includes enhanced functionalities to streamline your internal user management.

  • A new trigger, List Internal Users, allows you to automatically retrieve a list of internal users within your organization.
  • The new search action, Find an Internal User by ID, enables you to quickly locate specific internal users by their unique identifier.


LearningSuite: app update

LearningSuite has enhanced its course management capabilities by introducing a new feature. Instructors can now set a start date for courses and bundles, allowing them to schedule the release of time-based content to cater to individual learners' needs.


Content Snare: app update and bug fix

Content Snare's latest update enhances your workflow by adding pagination for the fields 'Folder' and 'Reminder schedule' to improve usability and navigation when setting up your Zaps.


TimeRex: app update

TimeRex has rolled out an update on their Zapier app, enabling a clearer distinction between new and rescheduled events. This update adds functionality to help users better recognize and handle new appointment bookings and changes to existing appointments.


Attio: app update

Attio has recently improved their Zapier integration, addressing a specific issue that affected the adding text name values for people. Users leveraging Attio on Zapier should notice more reliable data handling with this update.


Google Workspace Admin: app update

Zapier's Google Workspace Admin app has rolled out an update that enhances its functionality. Users can now harness the new Updated User trigger to create more dynamic and responsive automation workflows within the Google Workspace ecosystem. This trigger will facilitate real-time updates whenever there is a change to user properties in your Google Workspace domain.


Cloze: bug fix

We've recently made an improvement to the Cloze app. Users were encountering an issue where custom field names within Cloze appeared in an internal format. We're pleased to report that this bug has been fixed, ensuring that custom field names now display correctly for a better, more intuitive user experience. app update

We've fine-tuned the app on Zapier, offering you more flexibility than ever before with extended expiration times. Share your generated PDFs with confidence, now featuring an option for expiry up to 7 days. Expand your workflow's reach and give recipients ample time to access their documents.


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