Use your own API key with a Zapier Chatbot

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Zapier Chatbots is a beta product. It’s available for use, but still in active development and may change.

Zapier Chatbots use OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo model by default. To use GPT-4 and other models, you can add your own API key from your OpenAI account. 


Connect your OpenAI account

You do not need a ChatGPT paid account to use your API key, but you must have a payment method on your OpenAI account, as any usage will be charged to your account. You can find your API key following OpenAI's instructions. To create a connection using your own OpenAI API key:

  1. From your Chatbots dashboard, click the name of the chatbot.
  2. In the Advanced tab, scroll down to the Model field. 
  3. Click the Manage authentication link under the OpenAI authentication field.
    1. A new window/tab will open. Click Add connection
    2. Paste your OpenAI API key in the field provided.
    3. Click Yes, Continue.

Once you select a connection, the Model dropdown menu will display the models available for your account. The model selection may not reflect what you see on your OpenAI account, as not all models are available for use through an API. 

  • Currently, chatbots can only use OpenAI API keys. To help Zapier understand what other models would be most helpful for you in the future, you can submit a feature request
  • If you connect your API key and use the models available, you will be charged for end-user chatbot usage through your OpenAI account accordingly.


Provide feedback and get help

Submit a feature request, provide feedback on existing features, or get help from the Zapier Chatbots team.

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