App update: Envoy for Visitors, OneDrive, Sera Systems, TalentLMS, PassKit Membership, and Cobot

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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

Envoy for Visitors: App Update

Enhance visitor sign-in procedures with Envoy for Visitors' latest feature. You can now add NDA links to the sign-in process, making it more streamlined for visitors to review and sign the necessary documents seamlessly.


OneDrive: App update

OneDrive's latest update enhances collaboration by introducing support for shared files and folders in triggers. This feature allows you to automate workflows involving documents and directories shared with you or by you, making team collaboration more seamless than ever.

Learn more about getting started with OneDrive.


Sera Systems: App update

Great news for Sera Systems users! We have just added a new feature to the Appointment Trip Started trigger. Now, you can take advantage of the new Notify Customer field. This means that whenever an appointment trip is started, you can automatically notify the customer.


TalentLMS: New feature

We're excited to announce a new feature in the TalentLMS integration! You can now use the Remove User from Group action to remove a user from a group easily. This action allows you to manage your user groups efficiently and ensure they are up-to-date. With this new capability, you can streamline your user management process and keep your groups organized. Enjoy the added flexibility and control in your TalentLMS integration!


PassKit Membership: App update

Our latest update to PassKit Membership brings new triggers to streamline your customer relationship management.

  • Pass Updated: Keep track of any changes to your membership passes in real-time.
  • Pass Installed: Get notified whenever a new membership pass is installed by a customer.
  • Pass Uninstalled: Track when a membership pass is uninstalled so you can engage with customers accordingly.


Cobot: App Update

Cobot has released an update enhancing its users' automation capabilities. The latest changes include:

  • A new trigger has been added to facilitate workflows involving external bookings, streamlining the way you manage reservations.
  • The app code is now open source, and contributions are invited on their GitHub repository to fortify and expand the integration's features and reliability.


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