Google Sheets results in rows with mixed values or overwriting each other


When you run your Zap, you notice that the rows being created in your Google Sheet are either mixed up or overwriting each other. This means that the Zap is not adding the rows to the spreadsheet correctly. This happens when using the Create Spreadsheet Row(s) action.


This problem can happen if you have multiple runs of your Zap in progress at the same time, or if you have multiple Zaps writing to the same spreadsheet. This is because Google Sheets is not able to handle multiple row creations at the same time, so the rows get mixed up or overwritten.

How to fix it

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
  • Add a Delay after Queue action step to your Zap. This action should be added before your Create Spreadsheet Row(s) step. Adding a delay between each row creation will give Google Sheets a chance to finish processing the previous row before adding the next one.
If you are still having problems:
  • You can try increasing the delay time in the Delay after Queue step.
  • If you are using multiple Zaps to write to the same spreadsheet, you can try splitting your Zaps into smaller Zaps that each only write to a different spreadsheet.
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