Google Sheets: Zap is triggering on rows in a sheet on another Team Drive


Your Zaps don't trigger based on changes to spreadsheets stored in a Team Drive when using the following triggers:

  • New or Updated Spreadsheet Row

  • New Spreadsheet Row

  • Updated Spreadsheet Row



Zapier relies on Google Drive's notification system to identify when there are changes in a spreadsheet. This works well for spreadsheets in your own Google Drive but is a problem for spreadsheets within a Team Drive. 


How to fix it

To resolve this issue, follow this step:

  • Change your trigger. Use the New or Updated Spreadsheet Row (Team Drive) trigger instead, as this trigger is designed to work with Team Drive.


miscEye icon Note

The New or Updated Spreadsheet Row (Team Drive) trigger isn’t instant. This is because it’s not supported in Google Sheet’s API. Google is aware of this issue and is actively working on a resolution. To help Google prioritize this issue:

  • Go to Google's issue tracker.

  • Click the star icon at the top of the page. Your action will signal to Google the importance of this issue and encourage them to address it promptly.

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