Google Sheets: Updated Spreadsheet Row trigger isn't working


You may encounter this issue if you're using the Updated Spreadsheet Row trigger in Zapier, and it suddenly stops triggering when you update the specified column in an existing row. 


When you update a column in an existing row, Zapier only detects new values introduced to that column. If you change the value back to one that Zapier has previously seen in that row, it won't trigger the Zap again.

How to fix it

There are two ways to address this issue:
  • Choose a column with unique values. Select a column for monitoring changes that will always contain unique values. This means that each row in the column will have a distinct value, ensuring that Zapier detects new changes and triggers the Zap accordingly.
  • Create a new column for updates. If you need to track updates to a column that may contain duplicate values, consider creating a separate column specifically for this purpose. When you update the primary column, simultaneously update the new column with a unique value (e.g., a timestamp or an incremental number). This will trigger the Zap even if the primary column value has been seen before.
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