Use OpenAI's Assistants API with your Zaps


The OpenAI Assistants API is an alpha feature. It’s available for use but still in active development and may change.

You can use Zapier's ChatGPT app to add OpenAI's Assistants API actions to your Zaps. These actions give you access to an AI assistant that can help execute tasks. Through the Zap, you can create assistants, have conversations with them, and use files as sources of knowledge for the assistant.

Currently, the following actions are available for the Assistants API:

  • Conversation with Assistant
  • Create Assistant
  • Find Assistant
  • Upload File for Assistant
  • Find File with Assistant

With these actions, you can:

  • Build an AI assistant with personality and precise instructions.
  • Use tools to find information within an uploaded file, run code, and analyze data.
  • Have conversations with an assistant, add user messages, and get the assistant to respond.
  • Retain the history of a conversation for up to 30 days.

If you want to use the power of Zapier directly in your ChatGPT account, you can also use Zapier AI actions within a GPT.



To use Assistants API actions, you must have:


Add tools to your assistant

Retrieve information

Use the Retrieval tool to search within a document and return an answer. You can add a data source file, such as a policy or knowledge base document, and the assistant will refer to it to give you an answer. An assistant can use these file types:

  • PDF
  • CSV
  • TXT
  • DOC

The current maximum file size is 512MB.


The Function tool allows you to create custom functions that can run during a conversation and return information. This tool can run single or multiple functions. Learn more about it in OpenAI's developer documentation.

Code Interpreter

Use the Code Interpreter tool to run code or execute mathematical operations, such as advanced data analysis. You can upload the following file types:

  • CSV
  • TXT

The assistant can return information in the following formats:

  • Diagrams or charts.
  • CSV files.
  • PDF files.


Storing context with threads

You can use threads to continue a conversation. Threads do not have a size limit, so you can add as many messages as you need. Messages are stored in threads for 30 days.


Supported models

Assistants work with the following OpenAI models:

  • gpt-3.5-turbo.
  • gpt-4.
  • Fine-tuned models.

Use gpt-4 to get access to the latest model capabilities.

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