How to get started with Omnisend on Zapier

Connect to Omnisend on Zapier

Omnisend uses API keys to authenticate your account on Zapier.

Required authentication fields

  • API Key

Additional authentication instructions

You can learn more about generating an Omnisend API Key

About Omnisend's app

Are self-hosted or cloud-hosted accounts supported? Cloud-hosted accounts only  
Is a paid Omnisend plan required? No
View Omnisend's plans.
Are any special account permissions required? No
Learn more about Omnisend's account permissions.
Are there usage limits? Yes
  • API requests limit rate: 400 requests per 1 minute.
  • Rate limits will be returned with every request in the following headers:
    • X-Rate-Limit-Limit - The number of allowed requests in the current period.
    • X-Rate-Limit-Remaining - The number of remaining requests in the current period.
    • X-Rate-Limit-Reset - The number of seconds left in the current period.

If you'll reach a rate limit, you'll get a 429 response. Learn more about Omnisend's usage limits.

Are there pagination limits? Yes Learn more about Omnisend's pagination limits.
Do trigger samples use real data from your account or generic data? Not applicable  
Are custom fields supported? Yes Learn more about Omnisend's custom fields.
Do update actions overwrite or append to existing data? Overwrite existing data Email address and phone numbers are used as contact identifiers in Omnisend. If you pass any additional properties' values along with these two, no matter whether those properties were empty before or had different values, newly passed values will be applied. If you pass email address/phone number that doesn't exist in the Omnisend system, a new contact will be created.
Learn more about Omnisend's update actions.
Is there any additional info? Yes Find additional info about using Omnisend in Zapier.
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