What is a Zapier add-on?

Add-ons are monthly subscriptions you can include at any time, independently of a paid Zapier plan. You can select an add-on directly from your account's Billing & Usage area and click Upgrade to select your subscription. 


Subscribe to an add-on

  • Go to the billing and usage area of your account.
  • Click Upgrade beside your chosen add-on. 
    • If you don't have one, you'll be asked to add a valid payment method. 
    • Follow the onscreen instructions for the selected method.
  • Select the add-on's plan and complete the upgrade.


How add-ons are billed

Add-ons are billed monthly. If you have a paid Zapier plan, your add-on will always follow the billing day of your Zapier plan, but you will get access to it immediately. The add-on will be charged monthly even if your Zapier plan is paid yearly.

If you're on a Free Zapier plan, your add-on will be charged monthly, on the same day of the month when you signed up for it.

actionEdit icon Example
  • Monthly plan: if your Zapier plan renews every month on the 12th (i.e. January 12, February 12, and so on), the add-on will be charged on the 12th of every month.
  • Yearly plan: if your plan renews every year on January 12, the add-on will be charged on the 12th of every month.
  • Free plan: if you subscribe to an add-on on January 12, you'll be charged on the 12th of every month.

Each add-on appears on your invoice as a line item, separately from the price of a Zapier plan. 


Cancel an add-on

You can cancel an add-on anytime. This does not affect your Zapier plan or other subscribed add-ons. When you cancel, the add-on will remain available until the end of the current monthly billing cycle. If you change your mind, you can re-purchase the add-on. 



You can request a refund for your add-on if your last payment was made less than 30 days ago. Contact Zapier Support to request a refund.

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