How to get started with MC Professional on Zapier

Connect to MC Professional on Zapier

MC Professional uses API keys to authenticate your account on Zapier.

Required authentication fields

  • Client ID.
  • Client secret.
    Note: You must add the following redirect URI: and select Save on your API Client BEFORE adding the client ID and client secret to Zapier. If you do not save the API client your app will not authenticate. See detailed instructions below.

Optional authentication fields

  • None.

Additional authentication instructions

  1. Log in to your MC Professional account.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Then, go to Account Settings.
  4. Click the API Management link.
    1. To create a new API client:
    2. Click the "Create API Client" button from the main API Management page.
    3. Enter a name that describes this integration (i.e. Zapier).
    4. Click Create API Client. The API client will be created, and you will be directed to the API client configuration page.
    5. Select write under the permission scope.
    6. Select all the boxes under authorized grant types (authorization code, implicit, resource owner password credentials, client credentials, and refresh token).
    7. In the groups box, select admin.
    8. Add a redirect URI ( for Zapier.
    9. Click SAVE.
    10. You can now copy and paste the client ID and client secret to add into Zapier.

Learn more about authenticating your MC Professional account in Zapier.

About MC Professional's app

Are self-hosted or cloud-hosted accounts supported? Cloud-hosted accounts only  
Is a paid MC Professional plan required? Yes View MC Professional's plans.
Are any special account permissions required? Yes Only admins can create API Keys.
Are there usage limits? Yes

API token limits: When connecting an MC Professional account to a new zap, if the admin sees "EXPIRED" next to their account details, re-enter the same API Client ID, Client Secret, and Org ID as before.

Learn more about MC Professional's usage limits.

Are there pagination limits? No  
Do trigger samples use real data from your account or generic data? Generic trigger samples

Exception: "Event registrant created" trigger has real sample data such as the event id, and all form fields.

The new member joining from the form will have only the information available from a member's profile and NOT the custom form fields.
Learn more about MC Professional's trigger samples.

Are custom fields supported? Yes In some actions, admins can pull custom attributes and/or form section fields. If related to an event form, the fields that will appear are the "Export Names" in the form fields.
Do update actions overwrite or append to existing data? Append to existing data Actions will fail in MC Professional if you do not provide a unique identifier that maps to the correct member profile in your MC Professional database. You can use the attribute profile id, member number, or username as a unique identifier. The unique identifier provided must match an attribute of the same name in MC Professional.
Learn more about MC Professional's update actions.
Is there any additional info? No Find additional info about using MC Professional in Zapier.
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