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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

The pricing for Zapier Tables is changing from September 28, 2023. If you already use Tables, read on to understand how this impacts you. 

Currently, Zapier Tables has different limits depending on which Zapier plan you use. From September 28, 2023, all accounts will have access to Tables Basic, for free. You can then increase Zapier Tables' limits and use advanced features by purchasing the Tables Premium add-on. From the same date, some features of Zapier Tables will no longer use Zapier tasks.

Also, previously, importing data or creating new records in a table through a Zap used tasks, which counted towards your monthly Zapier usage. From September 28, these actions will no longer use tasks.


Tables Basic

All Zapier customers will have access to Tables Basic, a free offering that includes the following:

  • 10 tables.
  • 100 fields per table.
  • 2,500 records per table.
  • Access to basic features like buttons and public sharing only.


Tables Premium

If you're on a Zapier paid plan and want to increase your usage limits or want to use advanced features, you can add Tables Premium to your Zapier account for US$ 20 per month. This includes:

  • 100 tables.
  • 200 fields per table.
  • 10,000 records per table.
  • Access to basic and advanced features such as AI features, JSON fields, and views.


Zapier task usage

Additionally, from September 28, 2023, Tables will no longer use Zapier tasks to complete “Create Record” and "Find or Create Records" actions in Zaps. These actions are used when:

  • Importing data into Tables: adding existing content to a table from Airtable or Google Sheets. 
  • Moving data to Tables through Zaps: Zaps that create new records in a table, such as sending new form submissions to Tables.
  • You use a Find or Create Record action within a Zap. This action checks if a record already exists in a table, before creating a new one. For example, if a user submits email through form, a Zap searches for the email in table. If it doesn't exist in there, a new record is created.

Find or Create Record and Create Record actions on Zapier


How does this change affect my existing tables?

Existing tables and the data within those tables will not be affected. You may be unable to add more tables, fields, or records, or use advanced features if your usage exceeds the Tables Basic limitations after September 28, 2023.

From September 28, 2023, you can purchase Tables Premium as an add-on to your Zapier paid account by going to your Zapier billing and usage settings page.


Get started today with Zapier Tables, and learn more about how to use the product with our Help Center.

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