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Zapier Interfaces is a beta product. It’s available for use, but still in active development and may change.

Zapier Interfaces can be shared publicly using the page URL and can be embedded into websites. By default, interfaces are visible to anyone with the public URL. 

On paid Interfaces plans, you can restrict access to an interface by adding a password or creating a list of users who have permission to access it. Learn how to set up permissions.


Share by URL

To get the public sharing URL for an interface:

  1. From any page, click Share.
  2. In the dialog box, right-click and copy the URL to your clipboard.


Embed an Interfaces page in another site

You can embed any page of your interface in another website:

  1. From any page, click Share.
  2. Click the Embed tab.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select the page to embed.
    • You can change the height and width of the embed code, and you can decide if you want to include the page background.
  4. Select the Code Snippet Type from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click <> Copy embed to copy the code to your clipboard.
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If your app where you will embed your interface does not accept script HTML tags (such as Coda), you can select the iframe option from the Code Snippet Type dropdown menu.


miscEye icon Note
  • Interfaces with restricted access cannot be embedded. You can update access options in the settings.
  • You cannot invite other users to edit an interface.
  • You can also embed a chatbot in a webpage.


Provide feedback and get help

You can make a feature request, provide feedback on existing features and get help from the Interfaces team.

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