How to get started with ExhibitDay on Zapier

Connect to ExhibitDay on Zapier

ExhibitDay uses API keys to authenticate your account on Zapier.

Required authentication fields

  • API key.

Optional authentication fields

  • None

Additional authentication instructions

  1. Log in to your ExhibitDay account.
  2. In Workspace Settings, click the API & Integrations tab.
  3. Then, click API Access.

Learn more about authenticating your ExhibitDay account in Zapier.

About ExhibitDay's app

Are self-hosted or cloud-hosted accounts supported? Cloud-hosted accounts only  
Is a paid ExhibitDay plan required? Yes Only workspaces on the "Enterprise" plan have access to the ExhibitDay API. If a user of a workspace that is not on the Enterprise plan tries to view the API access page, they will see the following message: API Access: Not enabled for your workspace Access to the ExhibitDay API is offered to workspaces that are on Enterprise plan. Please contact us if you would like to enable access to the ExhibitDay API.
View ExhibitDay's plans.
Are any special account permissions required? Yes Only users with access to the Workspace Settings can get the API Key. This includes users that are either configured as "Admin" in the workspace or as a "Team Member" (with permission to access Workspace Settings area).
Are there usage limits? Yes The API rate limit is 50 calls per second. If more than 50 calls are made in a second from a given API key, a 429 error is returned.
Learn more about ExhibitDay's usage limits.
Are there pagination limits? No  
Do trigger samples use real data from your account or generic data? Real trigger samples  
Are custom fields supported? Yes Users can add custom fields to events in ExhibitDay (textbox, dropdown, etc.). The values of these custom fields can be retrieved through Zapier. 
Learn more about ExhibitDay's custom fields.
Do update actions overwrite or append to existing data? Overwrite existing data For the two update actions (event and task), any entered field gets updated in ExhibitDay. If a field is left blank it will not change. 
Is there any additional info? No

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