How to get started with Salesboard on Zapier

Connect to Salesboard on Zapier

Salesboard uses session authentication to authenticate your account on Zapier.

Required authentication fields

  • Account
  • Username
  • Password 

Optional authentication fields

  • None

Additional authentication instructions

  1. Ask your manager which Salesboard account the company is setup with.
  2. Make sure your user is assigned to at least 1 team, so you're able to receive data.
  3. Confirm with your manager that your Role have all required access.

Learn more about authenticating your Salesboard account in Zapier.

About Salesboard's app

Are self-hosted or cloud-hosted accounts supported? Cloud-hosted accounts only
Learn more about Salesboard's supported accounts.
Is a paid Salesboard plan required? Yes Any Salesboard plan will allow you to use Zapier.
View Salesboard's plans.
Are any special account permissions required? No Any Role will allow access to Zapier integrations. However triggers will be selective based on the scope of which Role. Example: scope 'user' will receive triggers on made by this user, scope 'team' will allow triggers from any user of any  assigned teams, and scope 'all' will allow notifications from any user/team.
Learn more about Salesboard's account permissions.
Are there usage limits? No  
Are there pagination limits? No  
Do trigger samples use real data from your account or generic data? Generic trigger samples  
Are custom fields supported? Yes Some models such as Audience, allow custom fields.
Do update actions overwrite or append to existing data? Append to existing data  
Is there any additional info? No  
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