Edit an App Extension

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App Extensions is a beta feature. It is available for use, but is still in active development and may change.

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  • To use this feature, you’ll need familiarity with sending HTTP requests, APIs, and reading API documentation.
  • If the app’s API changes, you may need to update your App Extensions.
  • Our Support team is able to provide basic troubleshooting for this feature, but they cannot troubleshoot the API you use.
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When you update an App Extension, Zapier automatically updates Zaps containing custom actions to the latest version. This includes teammates who use your App Extension, too.


Edit an App Extension

To make changes to your App Extensions:
  1. Go to the App Extension builder.
  2. Find the app extension and click the three dot icon navMoreHoriz.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. From there, you can make the necessary changes to your App Extension.
Once you’ve saved all of your changes to your App Extension:
  • Check all Zaps with custom actions work as expected.
  • If your custom action is being used by teammates in your Zapier account, notify them to check their Zaps too.
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