Use static IP addresses to connect to Zapier

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The Static Internet Protocol (IP) address feature is available for customers on a Zapier Team or Company plan.

A Static IP address provides a consistent IP address that all of your Zapier traffic that is guaranteed to come from. It’s useful if you have a server with a firewall or that only receives connections from specific IP addresses such as in the case of having an allowlist.

Apps that support static IP address

Static IP address is enabled for:

The Static IP address feature is not yet available for all public apps. To request Static IP address support for a public app, contact our Support team.

For private apps, you can enable this feature by contacting our Support team.

Add IP addresses to allowlist

You can add these IP addresses to your allowlist if you are using one of the listed public apps above or have Static IP address enabled for a private app.

  • (us-east-1)
  • (us-west-2)

/28 is the Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) block, representing 16 IP addresses. If you cannot enter a CIDR block, you must manually add each IP address within the us-east-1 and us-west-2 range.

  • to (us-east-1)
  • to (us-west-2)
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If you are on the Zapier Free, Starter, or Professional plan, and add the IP addresses listed above, your traffic will not be routed through a Static IP address.

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