Metered tasks in Zapier

Metered tasks allow you to keep running your business-critical Zaps even if you’ve reached your plan’s task limit. Access to metered billing may differ if your account is on an older pricing plan. If you are unsure whether your account has access to metered billing, please contact Zapier Support.

This feature is available for the following plans:

  • Professional 2M tasks or higher.
  • Team or Company 200K tasks or higher. 

Metered tasks are automatically enabled when your task usage exceeds your plan's task limit.

How metered tasks are charged

At the end of your monthly billing cycle, Zapier charges you for all metered tasks used during that cycle. Each metered task is charged on a per-task basis.  This charge is separate from your monthly or annual plan charges. 

You can see the amount of metered tasks used in your account settings' Billing and usage page.

If you need help deciding which task tier is right for you, contact our sales team.

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