Use the Zapier plugin in ChatGPT


Zapier's ChatGPT Plugin is an alpha product. It’s available for use, but still in active development and may change.

The Zapier ChatGPT Plugin allows you to use Zapier AI actions from within ChatGPT.


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  • Plugins are currently available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers only.
  • During the alpha period, tasks run using the Zapier ChatGPT Plugin will not count toward your Zapier task usage.


What are AI Actions?

AI actions are Zapier actions that can be used by AI apps. You can give AI apps access to more than 30,000 searches and actions supported on Zapier. They allow the app to complete tasks for you, through Zapier's Natural Language Actions API.

AI actions are unrelated to the actions that exist in your Zapier account. 

actionEdit icon Example

You can give an AI tool (such as ChatGPT) the ability to send messages to your sales team in Slack. You can use an AI action alone, or in combination with other actions to complete a task. 


Connect ChatGPT to your Zapier account

You must have a Zapier account and a ChatGPT Plus account to use the Zapier ChatGPT plugin.

To get started, you must allow your ChatGPT account to use plugins:

  1. Log in to your ChatGPT account.
  2. Click your name on the left sidebar.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. In the dialog box, click the Beta features tab.
  5. Click the Plugins toggle on.
  6. Click the X on the dialog box to close it.

Once you complete those steps, install the Zapier plugin:

  1. In a chat window, click the label GPT-4 and click Plugins.
  2. Click the No plugins enabled dropdown box, then click Plugin store.
  3. A dialog box will open. In the search box, search for Zapier
  4. Click Install.
  5. Log in with your Zapier account.
  6. Click Allow to authorize OpenAI to connect to your Zapier account.


The AI action settings window will open once the plugin setup is completed. You can also add new AI actions by visiting the saved ChatGPT actions page.


Set up your ChatGPT AI actions

Once you add the Zapier plugin to ChatGPT, you can create AI actions.

  • Go to the saved ChatGPT actions page.
  • Click Add a new action.
  • In the text field, search for the app or action name, and select the action you want to use.
  • Select a connection. You can also reconnect or create a new connection.
  • If necessary, fill out any required fields. You can let AI guess values based on the content of the message.
  • Click Enable action.

The Zapier plugin will only show the required fields for each action during the setup process. To view and use optional fields, click Show all options. Learn more about these options.


miscEye icon Note
  • Search actions cannot create or update items through AI actions. You can use two separate actions: one to search and another one to create or update.
  • Private apps in Zapier are not supported. 
  • If an app or action you want to use is not available, please contact Zapier.


Use Zapier actions

To use the Zapier ChatGPT plugin:

  • Log into your ChatGPT account.
  • In the left sidebar, click + New chat.
  • Select the GPT-4 model.
  • In the dropdown menu, select Plugins.
  • Ensure the Zapier plugin is enabled.


actionEdit icon Example

You can use a Send email action in Gmail to ask ChatGPT to draft and send emails for you:

“Please email Joanne Smith and let them know the analysis that was due Friday is ready for review today.”

ChatGPT will search for the contact and compose an email using your connected accounts. You must review and confirm the email before ChatGPT sends it.

Example of ChatGPT response using Zapier plugin

Review AI actions

AI Actions must be reviewed and confirmed before they can run. To review an AI action:

  • In your chat, click the confirmation link in the response.
  • A review window will open. Review the details of the AI action.
  • Click Edit if you want to change the content of any fields.
    • Click Save once you've edited the fields.
    • Click Cancel to discard changes.
  • If everything is correct, click Run to confirm the action.
  • Once the action is completed, return to the chat window and let ChatGPT know that you've confirmed it.


Manage AI actions

Edit or delete AI actions

To edit an existing AI action:

  • Go to the saved ChatGPT actions page.
  • Click the AI action name you want to edit or delete. 
  • To edit your action:
    • Make your changes, then click Enable action in the bottom menu.
  • To delete your action:
    • Click Delete in the bottom menu.

In the dialog box, click OK to complete the deletion.

Disable actions

When you ask ChatGPT to perform an action, it can use any actions that are currently enabled in your Zapier plugin. Actions that you create through the Zapier plugin are enabled by default. To disable an action:


Provide feedback and get help for the Zapier ChatGPT plugin

There are different ways to provide feedback or get help with the Zapier ChatGPT plugin.

To provide feedback on the quality of the AI response, click the thumbs up or thumbs down icon next to an AI response. You can provide further details of what worked well or could be improved.

To send feedback about the Zapier plugin or get help using it, fill out this feedback form.

ratingStar icon Tip

You can also ask ChatGPT for help using the plugin. Try asking:

  • What actions are currently enabled for Zapier?
  • How can I edit my saved actions?


How to build apps with Zapier and ChatGPT

I’m a developer and want to get access to the Natural Language Actions powering Zapier’s ChatGPT Plugin

Please visit the Natural Language Actions page, where you can find all related documentation.

I’m an existing Zapier Partner and want to make our app available through the Zapier ChatGPT plugin

If you have a public or beta app on Zapier, most Zapier actions for your app (except search and write actions) are already supported through the Zapier ChatGPT plugin.


You can learn more about how the Zapier ChatGPT plugin works and see different use cases in this blog post.

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