Use Zap Status to review issues while creating your Zap

The Status section in the editor's left sidebar notifies you when there are any issues with your Zap that will prevent you from publishing it. It appears when you: 

Review issues

  1. In the editor, click the Status icon in the left sidebar to expand it.
    • The number icon indicates how many issues the Zap has.
  2. Affected steps will display an issue notification box.
  3. Click the issue notification box to open the affected step.
Issue Definition Icon Example
Warning A step has an issue that will prevent you from publishing your Zap. You left a step before completing it.
Error A step has an issue that occurred after you attempt to publish your Zap. You need to reconnect your app.
Info There’s additional info about a step that you should know about. The app you’re using will be deprecated.

Error, warning, and information icons also appear in the:

  • Top menu of the affected step.
  • In the sub-section of the affected step where the issue is occurring.

Learn more about how to troubleshoot your Zaps.

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