Update or create records using Transfer

With Transfer, you can update or create a record in a destination app whenever changes are made to your source app. This feature is only available for scheduled transfers.

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Once a day, you use a scheduled transfer to add contacts from Salesforce to Zendesk, but also want to capture changes to that contact's "notes" field. You can set up a separate transfer to update contacts that were already transferred to Zendesk.

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Update or Create actions are only available for certain destination apps, such as Google Sheets, Shopify and Zendesk.

Set up your transfer

You can start an Update or Create action from your Transfer dashboard.

Select a scheduled transfer

  • Click New Transfer.
  • Click Schedule under Move data on a fixed schedule.
  • Click Create a new transfer.

Connect your apps

  • Select a Source app and Source data.
  • Select a Destination app, and on Destination action select one of the Update or Create actions.
  • Click Next.
  • Connect your Source and Destination apps.
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If you change records directly through the destination app, update the source app records to match before starting a new transfer. Otherwise, when the Update or Create action runs for the first time, it will override these changes.

However, if a record has not changed in the source app since the last time it was transferred using the Update or Create action, the transfer will not override the content in the destination app. This is because it will check if the record in the source app has changed since the last time it was transferred and only updates the destination app when the source changes.

Finish the setup

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Update or Create actions rely on each record having a unique identifier.  If more than one record in your source data matches a given key, then that Transfer record will error, and it won't be updated.  


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