How to get started with WorkRamp on Zapier

Connect to WorkRamp on Zapier

WorkRamp uses API keys to authenticate your account on Zapier.

Required authentication fields

  • Bearer Token

Additional authentication instructions

  • Reach out to to request a Bearer Token. Tokens are granted for each user.

About WorkRamp's app

Are self-hosted or cloud-hosted accounts supported? Cloud-hosted accounts only  
Is a paid WorkRamp plan required? Yes All WorkRamp plans are compatible. View WorkRamp's plans.
Are any special account permissions required? Yes Only admins can use the WorkRamp app with Zapier.
Are there usage limits? No A single IP can make up to 100 requests to the login endpoint every 5 minutes.
Are there pagination limits? No  
Do trigger samples use real data from your account or generic data? Generic trigger samples  
Are custom fields supported? Yes
  • The Employee LMS allows additional custom user data to be stored in the form of "custom user attributes".
  • The Customer LMS allows user data to be stored with custom user data in the form of "custom registration fields".
Do update actions overwrite or append to existing data? Overwrite existing data
  • The values entered will support creating, updating, and deleting custom attributes by overwriting all custom_attribute values.
  • If you wish to delete data, you'll want to submit an empty value for that attribute.
Is there any additional info? Yes

WorkRamp has two products:

  • An Employee LMS where employees are trained/onboarded.
  • A Customer LMS where clients train their customers and partners in an Academy.

All of WorkRamp's triggers and actions have inputs that will ask which user type you are looking for data on. This is to distinguish between the two products’ data. 

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